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Self Care Rituals For Women

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Keep reading if you desire:

  • to feel more connected to your body
  • to love yourself more – mind, body, spirit
  • develop self love rituals to honor yourself and become magnetic to everyone you meet
  • recode your mind to create change
  • transform your body, relationships and your life
  • create new thoughts, beliefs and habits so you never need to diet again
  • find your tribe and create lifelong friendships with other women

About Misty

Misty is a health and lifestyle strategist for overcommitted women. Life is too short to live a life of stress and frustration.

By transforming herself, she transformed all the things she looks at. She sets a new standard for women loving themselves, loving their bodies and setting healthy boundaries, so they can live a life they love and in balance.

When she isn’t working with clients, she homeschools her three children, works part-time at her local gym and still manages to balance it all. She loves sharing her secrets of having it all and living a life of pure bliss.

Women set the pace of this world and when we take care of ourselves, we can best serve and set the example for those around us.


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Success Stories

You being my COACH has been the BEST thing that has happened to me this year! Could not have started this journey without you! Following your tips & your encouragement made me be accountable to myself in a long time.  I am beginning to look at food differently & know that it does not have to be my comforter. I appreciate you more than you know!!