Are mornings crazy for you? Do you wish you had time to make a healthy breakfast, without the hassle?
Mornings are always a crazy time – getting ready for work, getting the kids out of the house in time for school and if you are anything like me, you are lucky to even get everyone to their designated places on time. In a fast paced world, more and more people do not have time for breakfast or are grabbing something on their way to work and school. What if you could whip something up the night before, so you don’t have to stress over making breakfast? My favorite time is to do this while I am also making dinner and saving myself time and clean up in the kitchen.
Here are 10 breakfasts you can make ahead of time and stash away in the fridge or even freeze for a different day or week. Many of these are tried and true, at our house, and a few new ones to add, too.
These are so easy and the kids love them! Not only do they make a great breakfast, you can also pull them out at snack time for a high protein snack that will fill the kids up. Not only are they easy, they are versatile and you can add whatever meat, veggie or cheese you have taking up space in your fridge. Whip up some eggs, throw in all the trimmings and if you are on a fat loss plan, you can sub the eggs for egg whites.
Ok. Wraps and burritos seem to be hit or miss in this house, but I couldn’t believe how well these went at our house. I made them in an afternoon, stocked the freezer and I don’t think I made breakfast for over a week. They were eating them for breakfast, lunch, snacktime, – you get it! They were a hit! Sausage, eggs, cheese, all wrapped in a burrito and you got a crowd pleaser.
I made these the same day as the burritos and they were ridiculously easy, for as much as my kids loved them. I always find myself stuck in the same meal ruts on what to make – especially true over breakfast. The best part was my kids learned how to reheat them themselves and we can file this under real life skills they definitely need for later on. You will need some canned biscuits, breakfast meat and eggs. I even put cheese on some of them.
We have not made these, but I know my kids will go crazy over these! Pancakes are a staple in this house and they never complain whether we have them for breakfast or I surprise them with dinner pancakes. They are a real crowd pleaser. Make these pancake muffins ahead of time, to save yourself time in the monings.

These look even easier than the burritos and oh so good!!! Sausage, potatoes and eggs, add some extra flavor with veggies and cheese. You can freeze these for up to 6 months, so double the recipe and stock up the freezer!
This is a classic for the veterans who have been making overnight oats for awhile. But I had to include it for 1. the newbies that still don’t know about this goodness and 2. wholfully has included 8 different versions so you can change up the flavor. Need an extra power punch for your early morning bootcamp? Add a scoop of healthy shake mix or protein powder for more protein.  
SHHH!! My son hates bananas anymore and won’t eat anything I put bananas in. But I can whip these up and even doesn’t even know they are in there and gobbles them up and they think they are getting cookies for breakfast! Bananas, oats, protein powder make up the base and you can add all your favorite cookie toppings, like chocolate chips, dried fruit or peanut butter to mix it up. Need a good protein powder? This is the one we use.
Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? These use a pancake batter, with a few other ingredients like sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. You can easily whip these up on a Saturday for the week ahead and grab and go!
I am interested to see how these go in our house, because my son is such a picky eater. But I think these would be a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen, even if you have littles. Take an afternoon or evening and have the kids make their own yogurt parfait. If you can get them involved, they will be more likely to eat what you have going on! Kids love to help and they love to be close to mom or dad. So make use of some family time and talk about why it’s important to eat healthy, every day.
Muffins are always a big hit here. If I have overripe bananas, I always use them up and whip up some muffins. They are great for breakfast and make for a good afternoon snack during our reading time or after a long day of school.


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