Over the past couple months you may you may have felt stressed or overwhelmed in times of certainty. You may be really unsure what is happening now or what our next step is. It is more important and most important, right now, that you learn how to find and follow your own inner peace. Inner peace isn’t something anyone else can give you. You have to find it for yourself.
 It doesn’t come from the amount of money you have in your bank account, the amount status you have in your job or career, it doesn’t come from that you where you live or the kind of car you drive. None of those things really matter as much time right now.  What matters is your own sanity, how are you taking care of yourself, how your stress levels are.
There are things that you could do to help you find this inner peace, be at peace with who you are, where you are; no matter what is happening in the world around you.
I am sharing 10 different ways you can find your inner peace; you don’t have to do all of them, take what you want, leave what you don’t. I hope there’s something here for everybody. At times of uncertainty, it is so important to be able to ground yourself, be present in the moment, not stress yourself out or get yourself worked up about the future. The fact is we don’t know what the future holds and worry is a waste of energy.
The find inner peace, you must learn to love, accept and value yourself for who you are.
1. Notice the tension in your body
Tune into what is going on and we are you feeling this tension. It could be in your heart, your gut or your throat. Be mindful of where this tension is at and focusing in on the body; being present with your body can help you stay grounded.
2. Connect with beauty in nature
There is beauty all around us if we choose to focus on it. Take it in with a walk outside and you will notice all the beauty all around you from the birds chirping, to the grass growing. In the midst of all the chaos that is happening in our world, we can see that nature prevails. Everything happens in seasons, even when the winter comes, pruning happens and things grow stale; eventually spring and summer do you come back around and things start to  grow again.
3. Focusing on the present your present state
Your present body, your present state, focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t. What are some things you can work on? What are some things you can do? You can go outside and enjoy the beauty and the nature; if you have a roof over your head.  Maybe you can tackle some organizing projects in the home when you’re feeling stuck or anxious. Use your energy on things you can change, rather than letting the energy build up inside.
4. Move your body
Another way to get present in the here and now is to get into your body moving. A lot of times when we are not moving the energy in our body it can create feelings of depression.
Commit to moving your body every day, whether that’s going for a walk, doing a body weight workout or practicing some yoga and stretching. Being present in the body allows you to move the energy in your body instead of keeping it stuck and stagnant. This is a great time to focus in on your health and fitness, since we are being contained at home and a lot of things are not open. You may be frustrated that your routine and modern conveniences have been disrupted or altered. Use that emotion and passion and fire up your workouts and metabolism.

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5  Dream or recall of happy times
In times of stress and chaos, sometimes it helps to just think back and remember some happier times and that will help bring the stress levels down. Dopamine is known as the happy hormone and you can activate this on your own with happy memories. Next time you are feeling down, try reminiscing with old photos, talking with a friend or journaling about a happier time in your life.
6. Clear your thoughts
Another thing you can do in your journal is to do a brain dump of everything you’re feeling. Get it out on paper and you will be surprised about how good this makes you feel. After doing this, you will feel like you had the best therapy session, even if you don’t regularly see a therapist. This is something you can do in the privacy of your home and no one actually has to read your journal; just the act of putting it out there will make you feel better.
7, Focus on gratitude
Start a gratitude journal. Every day when you wake up, start with 10 or 20 things that you are grateful for. Some ideas: your health, your body, your family, friends, food and shelter, your hobbies, passions, career. Gratitude can be the glue and the the key to getting everything you want. It can to take you from a state of panic or stress, to really getting present on all the good things you have in your life, and all the things you get to be grateful for. When you’re grateful for what you have, you have a better chance of more abundance coming back to you.
8. Disconnect from social media
Social media, right now, is a place where we can get updates and we can get the current news. However, along with this, you might be seeing things that don’t bring you peace, don’t bring you in your joy, don’t bring you calm, so don’t be afraid to break away for some mental self care. Having set times where you can break away are a good idea and I bet you won’t miss much. You can plan one day a week or maybe you set a time after 7 o’clock at night you’re not checking your social media. You can also give yourself 3 to 4 hours, when you first wake up of not checking social media. Having this quiet time where you’re not being bombarded with drama, news and chaos can do wonders for your mind. Being alone with your own thoughts can help clear your mind and allow you to process how you are feeling.
9. Focus on the good
This does go hand-in-hand with gratitude, but try focusing on all the good that is happening right now. It’s so easy when our routines are being disrupted, our lives are being disrupted; it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the bad that is taking place. What if you shifted your perspective and saw this as an opportunity to look at all the good things that are happening? Nature has been healing itself because there’s a less commute; there’s less pollution; people are staying at home more; families are being reconnected; parents who have been stressed out so much from working all the time are now getting to reconnect with their spouses and children; family meal time has returned. There’s so much more good that is happening then bad but if you are constantly chasing after the news and listening to the media, you probably won’t even notice. The media doesn’t make money reporting the good news; they make money to report the bad news.
10. Meditation
We already mentioned the importance of quiet time and being able to clear your mind. There are so many studies on the benefits of meditation. If you are not into meditation or have had trouble sitting still to meditate for 10 or 20 minutes; first of all you want to start small, for five minutes a day and work your way up. Actually, you don’t even have to sit at all. You could do this on a morning walk, during your yoga practice, while you’re stretching or even sitting on the porch with your morning tea or coffee.

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