Do you struggle with getting things done on time or even at all? Do you struggle with staying focused and completing tasks? Whether at work or at home, having focus to get things done is one of the best skills you can build for your sanity.


I am not the most organized person in the world. But I have found things that work for me. That is the most important thing you can learn – everyone has their own way of doing things, but if you can figure out what will work for you, your personality, your lifestyle, you will have a winner. Because you can take a system that may be a great system, but if it doesn’t work for you and your life, than it is pointless.

My entire life has been waves of chaos and calm – figuring out what works, then having to reassess and adjust accordingly.

I can remember the feeling when other people make comments to me about my inconsistency and lack of focus – and they may have been right. What if this is a blessing? I have learned to turn some of my weaknesses into strengths.

I am inconsistent, quite often and I get bored, easily, always looking for the next thing. I took this weakness of getting distracted and learned how to make it work for me.

Here is what I know about myself

  1. I don’t like to get bored.
  2. I like to mix things up.
  3. I like some routine, but I really love freedom and flexibility.

Looking back on all the times in my life, when I got things done and was focused, I had a solid routine.

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Planning Your Week

Every Sunday night, I look at my week and I list out everything that I want to get done for the whole week – a massive braindump – and then I plan it out and decide what day each of those tasks are going to get done.

Prioritize your braindump with a 1) MUST GET DONE 2) Needs done, but not urgent 3) Would be nice to have done.

Plan out your week and plug in your list over the week with 1s first, then the 2s. To keep me from getting too overwhelmed – I have a tendency to take on too much stuff, at one time – is to pick 3 things I want to get done that day. More on Work Life Balance

This way you have a clear plan each day and you know where to focus your attention.

Plan your week for success

Meal Prep

Planning out your meals is so important and can be the difference between a calm or chaotic week.

Have you ever had weeks, where you were getting food last minute and eating a lot of stuff based on impulse? Planning ahead is the key to success, whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to feel less stressed.

1. Plan your meals for the week.
2. Make ahead meals and snacks.
3. Precut any fruits or veggies to save time in the kitchen.

meals saver

Group Like Tasks

Another thing I do is I group like tasks together, like bulk cooking or running errands. How much time do you waste, cooking and cleaning every night? Is there something you could double up on while taking the kids to school?

Is there anything you do every day or every week that you can double up on a certain day of the week? Are you always running last minute errands, several times a week? What if you hit all your errands on 1 or 2 set days of the week.

Some examples of how I have grouped things and made my life easier

  1. Sunday grocery shop and prep
  2. Wednesday errand day – post office, library, dry cleaner
  3. Friday – catch up, return calls, emails

meals saver (1)

How Can This Be Easier?

I frequently ask myself how can this be easier? How can you cluster things together to make yourself more efficient and more productive and so that you’re not running around like a chicken with their head cut off, right?

You cannot keep adding things to your plate, without taking something off. Who can help you? Can you delegate some things to your husband, your kids, a coworker? Can you hire some help – housecleaning, get the groceries delivered, or invest in weekly meal prep?

What needs your focus? What needs to be a priority? Grab my Focus Goal Planner to get you Focused and crushing your goals

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