What is work life balance?
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Well, I have learned some interesting lessons on work-life balance.
In the past couple weeks, as a mom, time is a precious – a limited resource. It is one that we can’t get back, we can’t create more of and our children are only little once.
As a work at home mom, lots of people think that all I do is sit at home and I have all this free time, but that could not be further from the truth. Actually my time is very divided – between my family, my marriage, my children, the home and my work.
 A lot of time the lines are blurred. The past few months, I found myself working a lot, trying to do anything and everything in my business. Other things started to take a back seat, before I knew it, I was skipping workouts, missing meals and add in the extra stress, I ended up gaining 10 pounds.
I had to realize, this is not the life that I want and it is not why I work from home.

3 things you can do to find more work – life balance

1. Decide what is the your most important priorities.
List in order – examples could be faith, family, marriage, business/career, friends. This will be different for everyone and can change.
2. Prioritize your time, based on your priorities.
Schedule in these activities and work the rest around them. Do your most important things, first, if you can.
Now, I know my health is the most important. As a health coach, I need to be putting my health first. Not only is it important for my well-being, I am a better mom for it and it is also my business. I put aside time in the morning, even if it means I get up an hour earlier, to get my workout done, first. By getting it done first, I can ensure it actually gets done.
Secondly, I realized I’m more productive in a clean home, so taking time in the morning and the evening to straighten things up. I even started taking an extra day off, in the middle of the week. This has helped tremendously and has reduced my stress levels.
My third priority is my children.  I have a special needs child, in the first grade. He has a speech disorder called Apraxia of Speech and he’s also showing signs of dyslexia. Homework is a challenge; it takes at least an hour every night, after school, for him.
Before, I was very unfocused trying to help him with his homework at the same time as working on own stuff and it just wasn’t working. He needed my undivided attention, so I now block out time in the afternoon, for him and his homework. Realizing that he is the reason why I work from home.
On Wednesdays, I started taking most of the day off. I use this day to make play dates with my 2 year old, catch up on the house chores and just relax. It is just as important to make time for yourself, as anything else.
3. Group like activities together.
Before, I was very unfocused, doing things as they came up or when they needed done. Since, I have learned the art of batching. I am not 100% there, but it is getting better. By grouping like activities together, I can focus on that one thing, get less interruptions and am productive. I batch things like blog post content, scheduling social media and prepping meals.
What are your top priorities? Do you have trouble finding time to fit everything in?

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