Cardio, running, cycling… I used to be the queen of cardio.

What I found was cardio worked as long as you never miss a day. Well, let’s get real. No day goes perfect. Things happen, life gets in the way, travel, injuries, stress; the list goes on.

There are all the things.

3 workouts that burn more calories than running |Misty Shaheen

I got great results doing cardio, as long as I did it. But as soon as a skipped a couple days, the weight crept back up on me. After a few weeks of boring cardio, it quickly wore on me and I had to find a better way.

Here are 3 workouts that burn more calories than running

Strength Training

Cardio and strength training can burn the same number of calories during your workout. Here’s the kicker; if you strength train, your body will continue burning calories long after you leave the gym. You can do this with weights or bodyweight training. It gets better yet, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns. The more calories your body burns, the more you can eat. WIN WIN


Better than running is walking/jogging intervals. Alternate 30-60 seconds of jogging with 1-2 minutes of walking and you will burn more calories than steady state cardio. By getting your heart rate up, you will burn more fat, in less time. By switching up your routine, you keep your body guessing and can bust through a plateau.

High Intensity Interval Training

Basically a combo of strength training and intervals, you are working large muscle groups with a high intensity; followed by a recovery period, shocking your body to work harder and burn more calories. If you join a HIIT class, plan to bring your energy.

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