Becoming a mother opened me up in ways I could have never imagined.


I grew up in a family of 6 kids. My parents did as much DIY as they could to keep costs down, but they also did a lot of things based on convenience. They grew their own garden, used disposable diapers and conventional cleaners. I mean, when you have that many kids, you do what works!

Actually, I do remember my mom using cloth diapers with one of my brothers. We were down to one income, 4 kids and they had to cut costs. I remember watching my mom rinsing dirty diapers out in the toilet, a soil bucket in the bathroom and her even washing clothes in the bathtub and hang drying outside.

I am a big fan of doing what works for you and your family. Not every solution is the best answer for every family.

I became pregnant in 2008, it was then that we decided to use cloth diapers. We didn’t get a lot of support from our families, actually, they called us crazy and suggested that we would quit soon after the baby was born. How’s that for moral support? Good thing I am a stubborn soul! I haven’t always followed the tribe and I am not afraid of trying something new.

Our reasoning was a lot based on trends and the good of the planet, but the savings on cost was a close second. At the time, I had a good paying job and cost of diapers was not really on our radar. At that time, I was still making weekly trips to Starbucks and had regular strolls through Target, buying whatever I wanted.

After maternity leave and a layoff, I was grateful someone didn’t talk me out of using cloth. With two kids, using some of the same diapers, four years apart, we definitely benefitted from the cost savings.

Cloth Diapers took me into a world I would not have discovered, otherwise. (1)

As I was a new mom and learning all I could about my unborn baby and cloth diapers, I spent a lot of time in the cloth diaper forums on Babycenter. Birds of a feather flock together, hang around long enough and you will learn how to fly.

As I spent a lot of hours online with these women, I started to tune into all the other topics that they were talking about, such as toxic foods and cleaners, vaccinations, essential oils, etc.

After I had my son, I became this person I had no idea existed, a mom that was painfully aware of the plastic planet were participating in. I realized I wanted to raise my child in a way that I did not; I wanted my child to be environmentally conscious, free of harsh chemicals and free of gender requirements.

We started recycling, buying homemade soap and even traded laundry soap in for soap nuts!

This is who we are now!

We buy organic when possible, eat whole foods based diet, limit conventional cleaners, shop local, babywear, bed share, seek out natural alternatives to medicine and health as much as possible and allow our kids to play with the toys and activities they want, regardless of their gender.

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Where are you on your natural journey and how did you come to learn of going natural?

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