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You worked all day, you are exhausted and cranky from sitting in traffic from your commute home; to pick the kids up from daycare and they haven’t stopped fighting for the entire drive home.

Everyone is hungry and you forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer before you left for work, this morning.

So, now what?

You have nothing to cook for dinner and resort to eating fast food on the way to little league practice.

Ugh! You know how bad fast food is but it seems the fastest and easiest solution for your busy life. Who has time to plan and cook healthy meals, when you can barely find time to help the kids do their homework?!

You look forward to bedtime, every night, because it is the only time you get any time to yourself. Your saving grace is the newest episode of Scandal and a glass of your favorite red; if only you could get the kids to bed on time.

I know this, all too well, because this was my life, just a few years ago.

I ate whole foods, only drank water and coffee (with the exception of a nightly glass of wine), yet still hated what I saw in the mirror. I found myself hiding anytime someone brought out the camera.


The thing is, I ate healthy most of the time, until I found myself at the bottom of the wine bottle I had just cracked open. Or how about the times I was so embarrassed I had eaten through a whole box of Oreos and had to hide the empty box from my husband.

Every woman deserves to feel worthy and valued. (5)

In 2013, I found myself at my lowest point. I was overweight, lonely and depressed. My husband and I were emotionally disconnected and felt unattractive to one another. Date nights had gotten pushed aside and even though we slept in the same bed, we barely touched one another. I started to feel like I wasn’t enough for him.


Every woman deserves to feel worthy and valued. (6)


I realized I had two choices – we could go our separate ways or we could turn things around.


I knew he was not the only one at fault. I realized I had some blame in how we had grown apart. I was so disconnected from myself, I could not connect with him or our children in an authentic way. I was simply going through the motions.

With the added stress of having a special needs child, we had dealt with our grief of having a special needs child – a child that was different than most and who would struggle most of his childhood – in our own ways, but never dealt with it together. I was in the “why me” and “what did I do” stages of grief, while he was in denial.

Coming from a broken home, myself, that was the last thing I wanted for my children.

My children deserved to grow up in a loving home, with two parents that adored each other; something I never had.


I set out to lose the weight I had held onto for so many years. I yearned to regain my confidence in photos, again. Over the years, I had tried many things. A few years before kids, I had lost weight by cutting out soda, fried foods and working out daily.


I immediately cut out processed carbs and cut back on my sugar; I lost 10 pounds! You can find the grocery list I used here.

But that part about working out daily – yeah, that wasn’t going too well. It turns out losing weight is a lot harder when you have to juggle kids schedules and  lack the support of a babysitter to go to the gym. I struggled to have the energy to play with my kids. I found myself on the couch, feeling too lazy to clean the house or anything else, let alone get a blood-pumping workout in.


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Only after switching my coffee to herbal tea and supplementing my diet with nutritious shakes, did I find myself taking baby steps in being active, again; like taking the kids on a walk and playing with them in the back yard. I felt my energy surge and felt a noticeable difference in just a couple weeks time. The feeling of not needing a nap before my kids even had lunch, was the best feeling ever! I couldn’t even remember the last time I had that much energy – it had to be before kids.


If you had told me 2 years ago, I would be helping others lose weight, I would have called you crazy. I love it when I get texts and personal messages telling me how I helped them make healthier changes and when they wear clothes they haven’t had on, in years. I was inspired to create a program that is simple and easy to stick to, for busy moms. You can check out my programs HERE.


Before this program, I had trouble losing weight. I like that is works with my fast paced days. Misty is always there when I need her. - Renee Shaheen (2)


I was able to drop 40 pounds and started wearing clothes I hadn’t fit into for over 10 years. All the skinny jeans I had been hoarding for all those years, they finally fit! I was ecstatic and feeling confident again.

As my life began to change, I found myself smiling more, laughing without hesitation and my friends and family wanted to know if I could help them, too.


LOVE (1)


My transformations was a little nutrition, a little fitness and a lot of mindset. As I started to let go of past relationships and experiences, I found new confidence in myself.

I found myself so empowered by the changes, in my life; I feel every woman and mom should feel this amazing.

I want you to feel amazing, too; click here for my complete guide to looking and feeling like a goddess.


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