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From Struggling Special Needs Mom to Living Life on My Terms


Hello! My Name is Misty Shaheen

You worked all day, you are exhausted and cranky from sitting in traffic from your commute home; to pick the kids up from daycare and they haven’t stopped fighting for the entire drive home.

Everyone is hungry and you forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer before you left for work, this morning.

So, now what?

You have nothing to cook for dinner and resort to eating fast food on the way to little league practice.

Ugh! You know how bad fast food is but it seems the fastest and easiest solution for your busy life. Who has time to plan and cook healthy meals, when you can barely find time to help the kids do their homework?!

You look forward to bedtime, every night, because it is the only time you get any time to yourself. Your saving grace is the newest episode of Scandal and a glass of your favorite red; if only you could get the kids to bed on time.

I know this, all too well, because this was my life, just a few years ago.

I can remember turning 30 and thinking – “Wow! Is this it? Is this my life right now?”

I can remember thinking I would be further along, by 30; with a thriving career, married with kids (I got that part down), an active social life and full bank account. Except that wasn’t my reality.

A few years later, I realized my high weight gain and the lack of confidence, as a result, was stopping me in all the areas of my life.


In 2012, our son was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. For the first 3 years of his life, I was barely surviving emotionally; not taking care of myself, putting everyone else’s needs above my own. I think all moms do this, to some extent; but moms of littles, with extra needs, are especially great at this!


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Some things you may not know about me:

  • I gained over 50 pounds with my first pregnancy and developed preeclampsia.
  • I used diet and exercise to control preeclampsia in my second and third pregnancies.
  • My oldest son has Apraxia of Speech.
  • My marriage was a mess – which brought me to my breaking point.
  • I grew up on food stamps and WIC and thought everyone had a “milk man”.
  • I dropped my first 30 pounds, without going to the gym.
  • I never played any sports or was active as a kid.
  • After our son was diagnosed in 2012, I started binge eating and binge drinking.
  • Babysitting in my home, I was working 60+ hours a week, around my kids; but was barely able to pay bills and created burnout and serious fatigue.
  • I went to college for Accounting and never finished.
  • I dabbled in modeling, in college – before the agency went out of business.
  • Now, I easily maintain my weight, without counting calories or excessive workouts.
  • Worked as a fitness instructor, for a non-profit, with no previous experience.
  • Certified in Ballet Barre, Yoga and Zumba.
  • Now Work part-time, in a full service gym, consulting and serving shakes and teas.

I decided I could do better. I wanted better for myself, better for my family and a better life – all around.

How Misty Shaheen Fitness was born

In 2013, I was pregnant for the second time. I realized I had hundreds of pictures of my son, but I wasn’t in any of them. The fact was I hated every single photo of myself. I made a vow that that would change and I would get in front of the camera, so not to steal those memories from my kids.

As a breastfeeding mom of 2, I was working around the clock, from home; and I was exhausted and seriously fatigued. By 11am EVERY DAY, I was ready for a nap before the kids were.


Ditching the Diet

I decided things would be different. I stopped looking for quick fixes and started making myself a priority. I put everything together that I knew about setting goals, taking action, cleaning up my diet and at home workouts. I used what I had available and became resourceful – many of the things I have outlined in my programs.

But the real work was done when I started examining all the old stories I had told myself – things like I can’t look like HER or I don’t like to workout. Fact: You can’t have anything you are secretly judging. Check those inner stories.


So then, I decided I COULD have it all, I COULD be it all and I WOULD.


Soon after, people were chasing me down to know my secrets. Get access to all my tools and resources here.



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