Can I still drink alcohol?

This may be one of the top 5 questions I hear from new clients; maybe you have been wondering too.


Alcohol and weight loss | Misty Shaheen

A few years ago, wine was like a food group in my diet. I would come home from work; put my son to bed and enjoy a glass of red and catch up to my favorite prime time drama.

Except it was never just one glass. One glass turned to two and before I knew it, the entire bottle was gone. Read more about me here.

You can absolutely still lose weight without giving up alcohol.

But let’s get to the bottom of this. 

  1. How often are you drinking?
  2. How much in one night?
  3. Is the alcohol getting you closer to your goal?

Once I started cutting back on my wine, I noticed it was never about the alcohol. 

What I really craved was connection because I was lonely and depressed.

If you are like me, you know exactly what to eat – that isn’t the problem. For some reason, you haven’t been able to stay consistent with a meal plan.

This is a connection problem.

You have become so disconnected with yourself, you are using food and alcohol to mask what is really going on.

I challenge you to sit with that craving for a few days to see where it is coming from and what exactly you are really craving.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. When did this start?
  2. Is there a trend when I drink? Who am I with?
  3. What would happen if I didn’t drink the wine?

When I stopped drinking so much, that is when my transformation happened. That is when I was able to really feel what was going on; the loneliness and the emptiness that I felt inside.

This can be anything you are addicted to.

To be completely transparent, I still have a glass of red or white wine when we go out to dinner. But I no longer drink on a weekly basis or feel the desire to.

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