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5 Essential Ingredients to Long Term Success

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Weight loss tops the list of new years resolutions, year after year; but more than half of the US is still overweight or obese.

What’s even worse, after numerous studies, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 people who lose weight, just gain it back within 1 year.

secret to long term weight loss |Misty Shaheen

So what is the secret to long term weight loss?

Like you, I struggled with losing weight – actually it was a viscous cycle of depression because I was overweight and emotional eating and drinking to make myself feel better. Three years ago, I made a decision that I would be successful – no matter what.

After losing 40 pounds and coaching others, some successful, others not; I have compiled the 5 must have ingredients to long term success. You can apply these to any area of your life to see results.

Vision – the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

All successful people have a vision of where they are going. This is more than losing 5-10 pounds. This is your long term vision. Solidify that vision in your mind by any means possible.

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3 Ways to Fit In Your Workout Around Kids

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3 ways I fit in my workout around my kids |Misty Shaheen


Got 15 Minutes?

One of the things I hear most often from clients, is “I don’t have time to workout”. And I used to say this, too. Actually, this was my main excuse ,for not losing weight for over 5 years!

Until, finally, I realized I wasn’t getting any younger and things were not going to change anytime soon. I had to get creative in fitting in my workouts. With two young kids, I didn’t always get to the gym, I didn’t always have a babysitter – not much has changed in that aspect. But I did manage to lose 40 pounds when I ditched my excuses.

3 ways I fit in my workout around my kids

1. Wake up early.
Some days, the only chance I get to workout, is to get up before they do. This is my favorite, by far. Getting up an hour earlier than they do allows me time to enjoy my morning tea, a workout and sometimes, even breakfast – with zero interruptions. This works well for me because I am an early bird. After the kids go to bed may be a better time for you, if you prefer late nights.

2. Get it in while you can.
I started on this fitness journey when my daughter was 5 months old. There were times I did my workout while she was content in the bouncer – for a whole 10 minutes. Do whatever you can, however you can. I didn’t always go to the gym. Now, I will find a game or activity for the kids to do at the table, while I lift weights for 15-20 minutes. Other days, they play outside while I get in some plyos in the driveway, where I can keep an eye on them and still burn some calories. Get creative.

3. Take them with you.
Include your kids in your workouts. It teaches them to be active and it burns off their energy, double win. Some family activities that keep us active include hiking, swimming, bike riding, a walk to the park or yoga. Now, my kids didn’t always want to do these things, but my persistence and them seeing me do them, has started to create a ripple effect – now they ask to ride their bikes. You are the leader. You lead and they will follow.

Ask yourself, where do I have an extra 10 minutes? Other ideas – take the stairs, do some yoga before bed, ride your bike to work, do squats while brushing your teeth.

Develop a no excuses mindset and I know you can squeeze out some extra time, in your day.

Find my favorite ultra fat burning workouts you can do at home.


3 Workouts for Ultra Fat Loss

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Cardio, running, cycling… I used to be the queen of cardio.

What I found was cardio worked as long as you never miss a day. Well, let’s get real. No day goes perfect. Things happen, life gets in the way, travel, injuries, stress; the list goes on.

There are all the things.

3 workouts that burn more calories than running |Misty Shaheen

I got great results doing cardio, as long as I did it. But as soon as a skipped a couple days, the weight crept back up on me. After a few weeks of boring cardio, it quickly wore on me and I had to find a better way.

Here are 3 workouts that burn more calories than running

Strength Training

Cardio and strength training can burn the same number of calories during your workout. Here’s the kicker; if you strength train, your body will continue burning calories long after you leave the gym. You can do this with weights or bodyweight training. It gets better yet, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns. The more calories your body burns, the more you can eat. WIN WIN


Better than running is walking/jogging intervals. Alternate 30-60 seconds of jogging with 1-2 minutes of walking and you will burn more calories than steady state cardio. By getting your heart rate up, you will burn more fat, in less time. By switching up your routine, you keep your body guessing and can bust through a plateau.

High Intensity Interval Training

Basically a combo of strength training and intervals, you are working large muscle groups with a high intensity; followed by a recovery period, shocking your body to work harder and burn more calories. If you join a HIIT class, plan to bring your energy.

Simplified Slim DownIn my Simplified Slim Down, I break down your weight loss plan in bite size pieces. In just 30 days, you will have more energy and will be loving your new dress size.



Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss and Avoid Gaining The Weight Back


Weight Loss Vs.Fat LossDo you ever wonder why some people lose weight only to gain it all back?

There’s a reason for this. It is weight loss and not fat loss.

Sometimes when someone goes on a “diet”, a common mistake is calories are reduced activity is increased.  Weight can be lost, quickly, but sometimes, the weight is actually muscle, not fat. 
Weight Loss Vs.Fat Loss (2)

To maintain muscle, we need to be, actively, using the muscle and we need to be feeding the muscle and if either of those requirements are not met, muscle mass can be lost. When this happens and the person goes back to their old habits of bad eating fatty foods and inactivity; the weight comes back, but in the form of fat.

The result is the person ends up gaining more than they originally lost.

This is very common among people who diet frequently, use fad diets and are not changing their lifestyle.

Our body also loses muscle mass, as we age. This can be avoided with strength training and the right nutrition.

So how do you lose fat and not muscle?

With the right nutrition and the right workouts, muscle mass is maintained and can be increased.

It is recommended for women to strength train a minimum of 2 times per week. Different types of strength training may be running, bodyweight exercises in the form of a bootcamp, CrossFit, lifting weights or even yoga.


Muscles are made up of proteins, carbohydrates and water. To maintain muscle, one needs to get the right nutrition and in the right amounts. The best way to do this is to eat protein, several times, throughout the day and eat complex carbohydrates 2 to 3 times a day.
I put together a list of my favorite go-to meals and snacks to power through the day. In this guide you will find breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that combine healthy portions of lean proteins and complex carbs. For your convenience, I also give you recipes and a printable grocery list.
power meals

3 MUSTS to Find More Work Life Balance

What is work life balance?
 Personal Stylist on a Budgetand Stitch Fix Review (1)
Well, I have learned some interesting lessons on work-life balance.
In the past couple weeks, as a mom, time is a precious – a limited resource. It is one that we can’t get back, we can’t create more of and our children are only little once.
As a work at home mom, lots of people think that all I do is sit at home and I have all this free time, but that could not be further from the truth. Actually my time is very divided – between my family, my marriage, my children, the home and my work.
 A lot of time the lines are blurred. The past few months, I found myself working a lot, trying to do anything and everything in my business. Other things started to take a back seat, before I knew it, I was skipping workouts, missing meals and add in the extra stress, I ended up gaining 10 pounds.
I had to realize, this is not the life that I want and it is not why I work from home.

3 things you can do to find more work – life balance

1. Decide what is the your most important priorities.
List in order – examples could be faith, family, marriage, business/career, friends. This will be different for everyone and can change.
2. Prioritize your time, based on your priorities.
Schedule in these activities and work the rest around them. Do your most important things, first, if you can.
Now, I know my health is the most important. As a health coach, I need to be putting my health first. Not only is it important for my well-being, I am a better mom for it and it is also my business. I put aside time in the morning, even if it means I get up an hour earlier, to get my workout done, first. By getting it done first, I can ensure it actually gets done.
Secondly, I realized I’m more productive in a clean home, so taking time in the morning and the evening to straighten things up. I even started taking an extra day off, in the middle of the week. This has helped tremendously and has reduced my stress levels.
My third priority is my children.  I have a special needs child, in the first grade. He has a speech disorder called Apraxia of Speech and he’s also showing signs of dyslexia. Homework is a challenge; it takes at least an hour every night, after school, for him.
Before, I was very unfocused trying to help him with his homework at the same time as working on own stuff and it just wasn’t working. He needed my undivided attention, so I now block out time in the afternoon, for him and his homework. Realizing that he is the reason why I work from home.
On Wednesdays, I started taking most of the day off. I use this day to make play dates with my 2 year old, catch up on the house chores and just relax. It is just as important to make time for yourself, as anything else.
3. Group like activities together.
Before, I was very unfocused, doing things as they came up or when they needed done. Since, I have learned the art of batching. I am not 100% there, but it is getting better. By grouping like activities together, I can focus on that one thing, get less interruptions and am productive. I batch things like blog post content, scheduling social media and prepping meals.
What are your top priorities? Do you have trouble finding time to fit everything in?

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Find out other moms are doing it all.

 Download my Getting Started Guide to a Healthier Family


Health Coach Vs. Personal Trainer



When I hired a personal trainer several years ago, I was overweight and frustrated. I had been trying to lose the weight by myself and had a wedding coming up that I was supposed to be in. A friend recommended a trainer, so I hired him.

Health Coach versus Personal Trainer |Misty Shaheen

I started going to him twice a week, it was great –  I learned a lot of things about strength training, interval training and circuit training, but I didn’t lose a lot of weight. What I did do was build muscle, which is great but that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to lose weight and when that wedding came around I was still overweight and frustrated, despite wasting hundreds of dollars.

There was a key component that was missing from my plan – NUTRITION. I was still overeating, I was emotionally eating; I hadn’t yet learnt how to feed my body. The personal trainer had mentioned that I should just decrease my pasta intake to once a week and eat chicken, rice and veggies. That was as much guidance that I got. You can work out all day long, but if you are not putting the right foods in your body and/or you are not putting the right amounts of the foods in your body; it doesn’t even matter. It was a waste of my money, to focus on training, when I hadn’t even learned about proper nutrition.

Let me go back, some, I ate healthy (or so I thought). I didn’t eat a lot of processed foods, ate lean meats, mostly, but I was still very uneducated on nutrition. You can learn more about my story here.

I spent several hundred dollars on a personal trainer, with very little results because of the food I was putting my body. When a client comes to me to lose weight, one of the very first things I do is ask two questions; 1. What is your goal? and 2. What is your diet like? Each person is on their own journey and no two clients are at the same place. Some come to me as they are just starting out and they need guidance on where to start. Others have changed their eating habits and/or are working out, but are not getting the results they want. Nine times out of ten, we do not start by lifting weights. We start with what’s in the food journal.

This is the difference between a personal trainer and a health coach. A personal trainer can teach on what workouts to do and how to do them; however, they barely touch the nutrition aspect. You can not work off a bad diet; no cardio can take the place of eating a box of cookies.

To lose weight,

  1. Eat better foods (not necessarily less)
  2. Start increasing your activity.

Download my 10 secrets to losing weight naturally HERE. In this free pdf, I go over the nutritional rules that you should be following to lose weight, without counting calories without killing yourself in the gym. These are the rules I followed to lose 40 pounds and continue to keep it off two years later.

Join the free challenge now.

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3 Reasons Why Your New Years Resolution I Not Working


Everyone has good intentions when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

We have heard them all… lose weight, get out of debt, be more organized.


However, there are reasons why they are not successful.

1. They are too transformational, not specific enough.

Instead of setting out small goals, leading to long-term goals; most people just have this one long term goal, which is their new years resolution and then when it doesn’t happen like that intended, they give up.

For example, someone that wants to lose weight, in the new year. They are going to finally lose weight – no more eating fast food. 30 days in, they haven’t lost a pound all the sudden now they feel like a failure. It is January 30th and they haven’t even started on your goal, yet. Do not give up now, it’s only January and you still have 11 months to go. Most people get frustrated, start to doubt themselves and they finally just give up.

Instead, have a 90 day long term goal and have several small goals that can support you in that goal. What is one thing you can do to get you closer to your big goal?

2.  They don’t have a plan in place to support their goals.

In order to be successful at anything – no matter what it is, whether to pay off debt, starting a new business or to lose weight, one needs to have a plan in place and most people lack the follow through. They are great at setting goals, but then they don’t put a plan in place on how to actually accomplish that goal. You can grab my goal setting tracker here, for some help with this.

3. They lack of support system.

It is not easy to make these grand gestures into a new way of living, when all of their friends and family are still doing that old thing they don’t want to do anymore. When people have a support system in place, someone you can plug into whether it be a mentor, a forum or a group of friends; it becomes a little easier to stay the course. A supportive community can encourage and motivate to keep going on that goal, to tell them “you’re doing a great job” and also someone that can give feedback on what the next step should be.


If you need an encouraging group of lady friends who are becoming their best selves, join the group here.


If this sounds like you and you are ready to start taking action on your goals and would like to lose weight for good this time, in a healthy way, download my free 10 secrets to natural weight loss. In this PDF, you will find my top 10 nutritional rules that I always follow, that has allowed me to lose 40 pounds and keep it off for nearly two years.

Did you set any new year’s resolutions, this year?


How to Crush Through Your Goals {and into your skinny jeans}


Do you ever wonder why some people reach their goals and others don’t. It has been proven that people that write their goals down and have a plan of action are more likely to reach their goals.

I have been both. After college, I stopped setting goals and my new year’s resolutions became only wishes – wishes that never came true.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Then, in 2014, I had a deep desire to lose weight and regain control over my life and things shifted, for me. I knew what I wanted and was going to stop at nothing to get there. I managed to lose 40 pounds with no plateau. That is primarily because I knew what the goal was and I actively set new goals, every 30 days.

Big changes can make a difference – but it can also be overwhelming, which causes one to quit.

Making small changes – one at a time – can add up to a big payoff. Imagine if you made one small change, per month. What would next December look like for you?


We are kicking 2016 off with a bang – with a goal setting challenge, that is!

3 days of goal setting and getting an action plan, in place.

Make sure you are following on Instagram – to participate.

We will start on January 1.

Rules – Follow @mistyshaheenfit on Instagram
Repost the Instagram challenge and tag @mistyshaheenfit and #deepfocus2016


Each day post your assisgnment (tag @mistyshaheenfit and #deepfocus2016) and get an additional entry to win, for every post!

In case you missed it – grab this free tracker and start crushing it!

Goal Tracker Sheet


Free Webinar: 5 reasons why you are not losing weight


You are eating healthy – maybe you even lost some weight, but the scale isn’t moving.

It is frustrating to think you are doing everything right – eating your chicken and broccoli and not seeing the results you want.

This is the number one reason why my clients come to me. Some have lost some weight but are at a standstill. More common is the one who has been trying to lose weight for months – even years. I went down this road, myself, so I know how frustrating it is – first hand.

If only you had someone to help, tell you what to do next and answer your questions… now you do!

Bust through the plateau (1)

On Tuesday, December 29, we will go over the common reasons why you aren’t losing weight and what you can do to move the scale.

Start 2016 with a bang, get a plan of action to get back into your skinny jeans.

At the end of the webinar, I will answer any questions you have. If you can’t make it, there will be a replay.

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I will be giving away 3 30-minute coaching sessions, on the call, so make sure you mark it on your calendar.

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Top 10 Gifts for Fit Moms


Do you have your shopping done, yet? Me neither! I have very few gifts, this year. In the past couple years, I have leaned more on homemade gifts, but here is a list of gifts you can buy for your favorite fit moms – or yourself!

Top 10 Gifts


Yoga Mat

Yoga is great for stretching, strength and weight loss and is becoming more popular by the day. I love this reversible mat, perfect for the yogi in your life. Make it better by including a couple yoga classes at a nearby studio and some yoga pants.


Fit Bit

The fit bit is perfect for those wanting to get more serious with their fitness. It tracks steps, calories, sleep and more. You can even find your friends and do competitions. It has been a huge hit with all fit buffs across the board. Make it the best gift ever with a pair of running shoes.

Motivational Water Bottle 

Do you know someone that has a hard time getting in their water? A motivational water bottle is great for anyone wanting to get more water in their day. This is a great idea for the teacher or coworker, in your life.

Vitamix or Ninja 

I admit this is on my wish list – perfect for green smoothies, juicing, making soups, sauces and protein shakes. You can even make your own ice cream in the Vitamix. Pair it with a Herbalife Lean and Fit package – but only if you know your friend is wanting to lose weight.

Stability Ball

Stability ball is well known for ab workouts, but can be used for so much more, like decline pushups and hamstring curls, done at home. Most come with instructions and tutorials. Bundle it with a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, for extra points.


Free Weights

Take your body to a new level, with weight lifting. I have this exact set and I love how customizable it is, both my husband and I use the same set. This set is a great start to a home gym – especially for someone who is tight on space.

Foam Roller

Speaking of weights, add this foam roller to the weights, for a great combo! Anyone that goes hard at their workouts, especially with weights, needs a foam roller. It is great for stretching and getting the kinks out of muscles. This one is eco-friendly, made without chlorine.

Ballet Barre Socks  

Yoga and Pilates are growing in popularity, as is the newest class, Ballet Barre, a combo of ballet moves and pilates. Most studios require special toe socks that prevent slipping. Pair up these toe socks with a membership at your local studio, for your favorite dancer.

Bosu Ball

The Bosu ball is the perfect thing to up the balance and core game for anyone that likes to workout from home. Do core work on the bosu or flip it over and do balancing moves for a different core experience.

Cold weather workout clothes 

As a new runner, I am becoming aware I need warmer clothes to run in. Quality, comfortable running wear that keeps you warm is very important to accomplishing your goals, as a runner. My favorite brands are Champion and UnderArmor. Whether you have a new or seasoned runner on your list, they will love you for thinking of their goals.


I admit a few of these things are on my wish list, that is why I know anyone else working on weight loss of fitness goals would love these.

What gifts are on your list?


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