Adrenal Fatigue: From pure exhaustion to renewed energy

Adrenal Fatigue: From pure exhaustion to renewed energy


Four years ago, I found myself crying out for more sleep. I had a nursing infant, was working from home up to 12-15 hours a day and I was exhausted. So exhausted, I was ready for a nap before the kids were and I needed 3 cups of coffee to get me through the afternoon.

Sound familiar?

Looking back now, I realize I was in adrenal fatigue and didn’t know it. Adrenal fatigue is largely unrecognized by medical doctors.

A year prior, I had been to my naturopathic doctor for depression and was only prescribed an anti-depressant.

Some signs of adrenal fatigue are low energy, dependent on caffeine, hard time sleeping, hard time waking up in the morning, getting a second wind after 6pm, and resistant to weight loss.

It is often caused by chronic stress levels. The adrenals are largely responsible for managing hormones. During times of stress, cortisol is raised and we go into fight or flight mode.

In modern times of hustle and bustle and the on the go lifestyle, we are faced with stressful situations and often fight or flight mode never gets turned off. Eventually, the adrenals are overworked and they tire out – leading to adrenal fatigue and eventually adrenal failure. This is very common in women who are perfectionists or workaholics.

Unfortunately, doctors don’t recognize it for treatment until it is in it’s final stage of adrenal failure.


Some steps I took to heal myself and get more energy

  1. Switched from coffee to green tea and reduced my sugar intake.

  2. Supplementing with nutritional shakes and flooded my body with nutrients

  3. Started walking 3-4 days a week.


Caffeine and sugar are stimulants and aggravate the adrenals, when they are already taxed. By switching my coffee to green tea, I reduced both caffeine and sugar intake. I don’t know about you, but I only really drink coffee with a lot of cream and sugar, further worsening my condition. Eventually, you want to wean yourself off of caffeine, all together.

Lemon and chai tea are my favorites.

At the same time as switching from coffee, I started supplementing breakfast and lunch with a meal replacement shake and eating a whole foods based diet. The extra nutrients I was getting helped me regain some energy and allowed me to back off the caffeine some more.

Grab my grocery list here.

I still use the meal replacement shakes, on days when I am away from home or too busy to eat a regular lunch.

Within a few weeks, I noticed more and more energy and felt good enough to start walking. As a child care provider and mom of 2, it wasn’t always easy to get time to myself, so I packed up all the kids – often 3-4 at a time and we started walking together.

You can read more about me here.

The sit and stand stroller and ergo carrier became my new best friends!



What if I told you your belly fat may or MAY NOT have to do with your diet? What if you could learn how to lose weight that had nothing to do with counting calories? Start here.

Eating Health and Weight Loss – The Truth

Eating Health and Weight Loss – The Truth


Are you frustrated you are not losing weight?

You are eating healthy. You are getting in your necessary step count. Yet, still not seeing progress.

The truth is eating healthy and losing weight does not always add up.

1. There’s a lot of foods that are necessarily healthy for you but don’t promote weight loss. You could be just not even enough of the right foods or enough food at all. And there is such thing as too much of a good thing, such as eating too much fat. There are a lot of good for you fats you should eat, but if weight loss is your goal, than keep fat intake to 1-2 tablespoons per day.
I like LifeSum app from Google Play or Apple Store to help determine how much you should be eating.

Grab my clean eating grocery list here to get you started.

Now – my Simplified Slim Down now includes a Weight Loss Blueprint – so you know exactly what to eat and how much to workout.

2. Too much stress leads to belly fat and resistance to weight loss. A lot of times, we try to do it all and take care of everything. What ends up happening is you are taking care of everyone but yourself. If you have high stress,take inventory of your stress levels and find ways to reduce stress like walking, reading, yoga or meditation. And maybe start saying  no more often, too.

Check out the 5 Real Life Shifts to Reduce Belly Fat

3. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body will hold onto fat. Most people who have too much on their plate, try to skimp on sleep to create more time, but it ends up backfiring if done long-term. Sleep is the time your body uses to reset and recharge. If you are not getting enough sleep, it can throw off your hormones, make you crave not so healthy foods and make you irritable. Make sure to set a reasonable bedtime and wake up times, allowing you an adequate 7-9 hours of sleep.


Four years ago, I was where you are. I just had a baby and I thought I WAS eating healthy. But my energy was tanked and the weight wasn’t going anywhere. Read more about me here.

If you all of those are in check – then it is time to step it up a notch and start getting results. My Simplified Slim Down is perfect for the person that is eating healthy, but ready to fine tune some things to get even better results.


10 Ways to Make Deposits Into Your Health

10 Ways to Make Deposits Into Your Health


Is your health savings account depleted or overflowing? We often think of saving and spending, in terms of money, but what about your health? Most people spend and spend and spend, while making very little deposits and end up feeling stressed out, burnt out and depleted.

Are you a spender or a saver?

I am a spender – but I am also an investor. Every dollar spent and every minute spent, I ask myself “How will this impact my life? Does this make my life better?”

Your health is the same thing. It is an investment. I think a lot of people think about health as an expense, and I want to reframe that, because health is an investment. I hear from a lot of people, friends, family, potential clients that eating healthy is expensive.

Do you ever hear that?

Joining a gym is expensive. No – it is or it isn’t a priority. You decide.

Yes, eating junk food is cheaper, but it is going to cost you more money in the long run, in prescriptions, medications, doctors visits and high premium insurance claims. Are you only weighing the amount of cash investment or are you also looking at the long term benefits? Download my Free Get Healthy on a Budget

If you are considering joining a gym – ask yourself will this make my life better? Is this in line with the goals I have set for myself? Grab my Lifestyle Assessment here.

So are you a spender, or are you a saver? Or are you an investor?

Are you saving money, are you to making deposits into your health savings account? So there’s different things that you can do to either deposit or withdrawal from your health savings account. How are you doing that?

Every day is made up of choices, every week, every month is made up of choices, and that’s just it. And if you think about it that way, like every minute, every choice you make is either taking you closer to your goals or it’s taking you further away. So which is that for you?

I want you to start to think about your health as an investment account, and how you can start to make more deposits than you’re making withdrawals?

We never like to see our bank account in the red – And our health is the same way. If we can just get into the habit of making more deposits than we’re taking withdrawals, then we will be good. We will have a surplus in our health account, and you’ll start to notice more energy, you’ll start reaching your goals a lot faster.

Withdrawals you could be making:

  • Sitting eight hours at a desk
  • Eating junk food
  • Skipping workouts
  • High stress levels
  • Working 50 hours a week

How to Make Deposits Into Your Health

  1. Eating more vegetables
  2. Going to the gym
  3. Take a mini breaks from your desk
  4. Packing healthy snacks – Grab my grocery list 
  5. Taking a walk
  6. Sign up for a Yoga class
  7. Going to be early
  8. Unplug from social media
  9. Spend time outdoors
  10. Drink plenty of water


These may not seem like big things, but added up over time they have a big payout – just like dropping pennies into your savings account.

Take an inventory of your every day life. List out the deposits and then, list out the withdrawals. What is the balance? Are you in the red or black?


5 Temptations Keeping you from Losing Weight

5 Temptations Keeping you from Losing Weight


Five temptations that are keeping you fat. These are five temptations that you know you shouldn’t be doing and how to ditch them for good.



After dropping over 30+ pounds and 4 dress sizes, I have learned the smallest of changes really adds up. If you are trying to lose weight and feeling stuck, try changing one of the following things and I bet you will see a difference in just a few short weeks.

1. Your Netflix Binge Watching

twitter netflix

Most Americans watch too much TV. How much TV do you watch? If you’re watching more than one to two hours a day, it’s too much. That’s in the morning before you go to work, after you get home, before bed…
Slow that Netflix binge DOWN. I’m not saying you have to cancel it, but just slow it down. Take it back a little bit. One to two hours a night is plenty. If you could swap out just one hour of Netflix binge watching for a workout, something to just get your heart rate up, you will be much happier come summer, I promise.

2. The Facebook Scroll

twitter facebook

You want to catch up with your friends, but for most of us, this is the modern day TV watching. If you were like, “You know what number one? I don’t really have Netflix. I don’t watch that much TV.” Cool. But how is your time on social media? How many hours do you think you’re spending on social media? Because it is the modern day version of watching too much TV.

You are comparing your low points to everyone else’s highlight reel and it doesn’t feel good. It is also affecting your eyes, your neck and cramping up your hand – from being glued to your phone all day.

We are signing into Facebook up to an average of nine times a day. Nine times a day. There’s only 24 hours in the day, we’re only awake for about 16 hours a day, and we’re logging into Facebook an average of 9 times. Are you one of them?

Set a timer 1-2 times a day and create meaningful connections, versus just scrolling.

3. Happy Hour

twitter happy

If you are trying to lose weight, alcohol need to go or at bare minimum needs reduced. Alcohol is empty calories and the body doesn’t process them the same as food. Start taking a pass on the happy hour invitations and hit the gym instead. If you must go, use the alcohol in place of your carb or opt for a non-alcoholic drink, like iced tea.

4. Fast Food Lunches.

twitter meals

I know it seems easy, but it is not worth it, in the end. When I worked in corporate, I was not a very good planner, and I went to McDonald’s every day for lunch. And I packed on the pounds for it.

Start packing your lunches, take a salad, some soup, even a sandwich, or a wrap, is better than what you’re gonna get at that fast food restaurant. A Big Mac has up to 1,000 calories. Can you believe that? 1,000 calories, that’s over half of your daily calorie intake that you should in-taking. Over half. Just in one single meal, just for lunch. If you cut out fast food, and I can guarantee you’re gonna lose a couple pounds just from that.

5. Break Room Vending Machine

twitter snacks (1)

You know what I am talking about. 10:00 AM hits, you get hungry, you go to the vending machine, “Oh, just a snack,” right? Then at three o’clock it hits again, “Oh, I need another snack. I’m hungry.” Right? Yeah, I was there. I did it and I packed on the pounds to prove it. Slow down that vending machine drive by, start to pack some snacks that you can keep at your desk or if you have a refrigerator that you can keep some healthy snacks in there. That way whenever you do feel that urge, you get hungry, you can just opt for something healthy, a handful of nuts, some string cheese or a small thing of yogurt. Grab my 25 snacks to power through your day to get you started.



High Protein Snacks for Weight Loss

High Protein Snacks for Weight Loss



Snacking is Good.

So there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about snacking and if it’s good or bad. So let’s get something straight: snacking is not bad. Snacking is good. It’s good to fuel your body; to be putting in good things in your body consistently, throughout the day. Your body is like a machine and you’re not gonna drive 200 miles and expect to not stop for gas, right? And putting food in your body, snacking throughout the day is the same way. If you wanna keep that energy and that focus up, you need to be constantly putting food into your body.

The Bad Snacks

These are examples of not so great snacks:

  • excess sugar
  • excess salt
  • potato chips
  • candy bars
  • donuts

The Good Snacks

There are better out there that are made up of whole foods such as the following:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • plant based protein
  • animal proteins
  • chicken salad or wrap
  • dairy
  • nuts or seeds

So the excess sugars, the excess salts, those are what causes our body be low on energy. When we eat foods that are high in sugar and salt; but low in nutrition; we may get energy quickly, but we end up crashing 1-2 hours later, and looking for something else.

If you want energy to sustain you throughout the day, you want to choose foods that are high in nutrient value and in their most natural state, lots of whole foods and snacks.

Meal Timing


It is important to be eating every few hours.

I know in the beginning, I had trouble with this. It is easy to get busy with work, errands and kids.

If you have a hard time remembering to eat, I suggest setting a timer, as a reminder.


Here are some high protein snacks to get you started.

  1. High Protein Dip for fruit – Get the recipe here.
  2. Peanut Butter Banana RollUps – Get the recipe here.
  3. Spinach Quiche Cups – Get the recipe here.
  4. Zucchini Tuna Cakes – Get the recipe here.
  5. Apple Protein Cookies – Get the recipe here.
  6. Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats – Get the recipe here.
  7. Turkey and Cheese Rolls – Get the recipe here.



How To Drink More Water To Lose Weight

How To Drink More Water To Lose Weight



Ways to drink more water and make it fun.

There are days I do well drinking water and there are days that the time gets away from me. It is easy to get busy, working, playing with the kids and before you know it; it is dinner time and you only had two glasses of water. Here are some tricks I use to get more water in, over the course of my day.

Ways to know if you are dehydrated

  1. Your pee should be the color of lemonade.
  2. Most of the time when we feel hungry, we are actually just dehydrated.

We all know to drink more water, but most of us do not.

Our body is made up of up to 70% water. We need it to help our bodies operate properly. It helps with digestion, inflammation, removing toxins from the body and more. It helps your heart pump better, helps the joints move better and the kidneys function, better.

It promotes

  • weight loss,
  • increasing energy,
  • getting rid of excess water weight and
  • clearer skin.


How Do You Get the Water In?

We know we need to drink more water, easier said than done, right?

There are different ways to remind yourself to drink water.

  • Set a timer
  • Drink a glass on the top of every hour
  • Add a rubber band to your water bottle, to keep track.
  • Use an app on your phone

What If You Get Bored of Drinking Water?

One common complaint I hear from clients, is we get tired of drinking water or don’t like the taste.

I like to add fruit to my water to change the flavor. Use a fruit infuser, like this one. Some of my favorite flavors.

  • Strawberry Lime
  • Lemon Lime
  • Lime Mint
  • Strawberry Mint
  • Apple Cinnamon

15 Sassy Water combinations – Click here download 15 new recipes and combinations

We should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces of water. The bigger you are, the more water you need. It just makes sense because an 80-pound child isn’t gonna need as much water as maybe a 200-pound man, right? So, that’s an easy way to figure out how much water you should be drinking. So, I weigh between 130-140 pounds and so I know that I need 70 ounces of water everyday.

Bonus: Get yourself a fun water bottle (like this one) to make drinking more fun.