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High Protein Snacks for Weight Loss



Snacking is Good.

So there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about snacking and if it’s good or bad. So let’s get something straight: snacking is not bad. Snacking is good. It’s good to fuel your body; to be putting in good things in your body consistently, throughout the day. Your body is like a machine and you’re not gonna drive 200 miles and expect to not stop for gas, right? And putting food in your body, snacking throughout the day is the same way. If you wanna keep that energy and that focus up, you need to be constantly putting food into your body.

The Bad Snacks

These are examples of not so great snacks:

  • excess sugar
  • excess salt
  • potato chips
  • candy bars
  • donuts

The Good Snacks

There are better out there that are made up of whole foods such as the following:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • plant based protein
  • animal proteins
  • chicken salad or wrap
  • dairy
  • nuts or seeds

So the excess sugars, the excess salts, those are what causes our body be low on energy. When we eat foods that are high in sugar and salt; but low in nutrition; we may get energy quickly, but we end up crashing 1-2 hours later, and looking for something else.

If you want energy to sustain you throughout the day, you want to choose foods that are high in nutrient value and in their most natural state, lots of whole foods and snacks.

Meal Timing


It is important to be eating every few hours.

I know in the beginning, I had trouble with this. It is easy to get busy with work, errands and kids.

If you have a hard time remembering to eat, I suggest setting a timer, as a reminder.


Here are some high protein snacks to get you started.

  1. High Protein Dip for fruit – Get the recipe here.
  2. Peanut Butter Banana RollUps – Get the recipe here.
  3. Spinach Quiche Cups – Get the recipe here.
  4. Zucchini Tuna Cakes – Get the recipe here.
  5. Apple Protein Cookies – Get the recipe here.
  6. Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats – Get the recipe here.
  7. Turkey and Cheese Rolls – Get the recipe here.



Routines That Keep Me Sane and Together

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Do you ever feel like you are constantly busy, but still not getting anything done? This used to be my life.


I found myself, constantly, distracted. I was so busy trying to do all the things and nothing actually would get accomplished.

I would start to work and then, I remembered the dishes need done or laundry needs switched.

For years, I had no idea my dirty kitchen or messy car was affecting my energy and my focus. And it seemed every time I cleaned the house, it would only last a few hours. It felt like a never ending chore.

Some things I have found that work – to keep me focused. my energy up and the house clean.

  1. Do household chores in the morning and evening. This frees up my time and space, in the middle of the day, so I can focus on work, family or self care.
  2. Create routines for everything. I have a routine for cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry and even homework with the kids.
  3. Keeping my physical space clear and uncluttered.
  4. Recruit my kids to help with household chores. My kids love to help and if you start them early, they will learn to continue when they are older.

My favorite site to help you get your house under control –

Some of the routines that keep me focused

  1. Kitchen – gets cleaned up after dinner or while making dinner. Empty the dishwasher, first thing in the morning, while cooking breakfast.
  2. Laundry – gets rotated once in the morning, once in the evening.
  3. Errands – I do all my errands on one day of the week. Currently Thursdays
  4. Doing my workout at the same time every day.

Ways To Be Consistent – even for the type B personality

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Type B personalities often have trouble staying focused and consistent. If that is you, here are some ways you can implement some consistency in any area of your life.

There are 4 ways I have been able to build consistency, in my life |Misty Shaheen

My whole life I have struggled with consistency.

From school, to work, to relationships and even keeping a clean house.

I mean I would have good intentions and I start off great; but 2 weeks later things seem to not stick.

Like, cleaning the closet always sounds like a great idea – until 2 hours into the project, everything is pulled out and then, what now? Who’s idea was this anyway?!!

I am literally obsessed with the office supply aisle! It takes me back to my high school and college days. I decide to get organized, spend a boatload of cash at Office Max and then… it sits in the corner of my desk and I forget what I even wanted to do with it.

This trend also applied to my weight. Eat good, workout, oh look a new diet to try – maybe I should try that one, instead. Yes, I have shiny object syndrome but I have learned how to tame it down.

Does this happen to you to?

There are 4 ways I have been able to build consistency, in my life.

These have helped me lose 40 pounds, and keep it off for 2 years. I am now applying them to other areas and my house is even cleaner!!

1. Set your vision. 

It is important to know why you are doing something. When you can see yourself in that vision, something happens in your mind to affirm it. You must also keep that vision in front of you everyday. 

Find a picture to represent what you want, write your goals down every day – do not just set it and forget it. You must look at it every day.

Do you have a vision board?

2. Break your big goal into small goals. 

If you have 50 pounds to lose, that sounds like a big deal. Break it down to smaller goals and set mini rewards. Learn how to crush your goals here.

For every 10 pounds lost or a dress size, buy yourself a new workout tank or book a pedicure.

With smaller goals, they seem easier in your mind and the reward gives you an incentive to work hard, for a short amount of time. Read up on why most new year’s resolutions get repeated every year.

3. Set routines for success. 

A routine creates a path in your subconscious mind, and is less work when it is decision time.

Think about your drive home from work – you probably don’t even have to think about it because your subconscious mind goes to work the minute you get in the car. The same thing can be done with eating breakfast, going to the gym or going to bed at a decent hour.

How can you implement healthy habits into routines you probably already have? Do you have a morning routine? Evening routine?

4. Make things exciting.

If you are like me, you probably get bored easily and easily distracted. This can be a good or bad thing. This is one of those times that we turn a weakness into a strength.

You body actually likes to be surprised. You will burn more calories, more fat and stay leaner by changing things up, periodically.

You need to keep yourself excited, to prevent boredom setting in. That may look like a new healthy breakfast, trying a new workout class or some new running shoes. Hey, maybe you can even recruit your bestie to join you on some of your workouts.

I hope these help you create more consistency. Comment below to tell me if these are helpful.


3 Ways to Fit In Your Workout Around Kids

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3 ways I fit in my workout around my kids |Misty Shaheen


Got 15 Minutes?

One of the things I hear most often from clients, is “I don’t have time to workout”. And I used to say this, too. Actually, this was my main excuse ,for not losing weight for over 5 years!

Until, finally, I realized I wasn’t getting any younger and things were not going to change anytime soon. I had to get creative in fitting in my workouts. With two young kids, I didn’t always get to the gym, I didn’t always have a babysitter – not much has changed in that aspect. But I did manage to lose 40 pounds when I ditched my excuses.

3 ways I fit in my workout around my kids

1. Wake up early.
Some days, the only chance I get to workout, is to get up before they do. This is my favorite, by far. Getting up an hour earlier than they do allows me time to enjoy my morning tea, a workout and sometimes, even breakfast – with zero interruptions. This works well for me because I am an early bird. After the kids go to bed may be a better time for you, if you prefer late nights.

2. Get it in while you can.
I started on this fitness journey when my daughter was 5 months old. There were times I did my workout while she was content in the bouncer – for a whole 10 minutes. Do whatever you can, however you can. I didn’t always go to the gym. Now, I will find a game or activity for the kids to do at the table, while I lift weights for 15-20 minutes. Other days, they play outside while I get in some plyos in the driveway, where I can keep an eye on them and still burn some calories. Get creative.

3. Take them with you.
Include your kids in your workouts. It teaches them to be active and it burns off their energy, double win. Some family activities that keep us active include hiking, swimming, bike riding, a walk to the park or yoga. Now, my kids didn’t always want to do these things, but my persistence and them seeing me do them, has started to create a ripple effect – now they ask to ride their bikes. You are the leader. You lead and they will follow.

Ask yourself, where do I have an extra 10 minutes? Other ideas – take the stairs, do some yoga before bed, ride your bike to work, do squats while brushing your teeth.

Develop a no excuses mindset and I know you can squeeze out some extra time, in your day.

Find my favorite ultra fat burning workouts you can do at home.


3 Things I did to Find Sunshine After Depression

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sunshine after depression |Misty Shaheen

After struggling with ups and downs of depression – I remember when everything changed. 

In the spring of 2012, I hit rock bottom with a job loss, a miscarriage and the added stress of a special needs child.

With that miscarriage, I knew it was bad timing and God would let me know when it was time.

Later that year, I was blessed with a ray of sunshine.

On an early morning in December, I became nauseated, with a queasy stomach. Instantly, I knew what this meant. There was no pregnancy test needed. My husband and I we’re not planning another pregnancy, but I just knew. I also knew this baby was a gift from up above.

That gift became my ray of sunshine, after months of darkness. Instantly, my heart filled with joy.


For the first time in months, I began to focus on my present state of a growing baby inside of me and less on all the things that had happened over the past year.

Over time, I have learned that the state of depression is simply living in the past. We cannot change the past, we only have the ability of focusing on today.


3 things you can do to find your own peace and joy

1. Find joy in little things, every day.
By finding gratitude in little things like, food, shelter, the weather, you start to enjoy life again.

2. Focus your attention on what is good.
What we focus our attention to, grows and expands. Choosing to focus on the good, allow the not so good things fall away. You will notice more good things coming into your life.

3. Leave the past alone. Learn to forgive yourself and others.
The hardest lesson but the biggest impact is forgiveness. Allow yourself to forgive for the past lessons, past mistakes so you can move on from the past.


3 MUSTS to Find More Work Life Balance

What is work life balance?
 Personal Stylist on a Budgetand Stitch Fix Review (1)
Well, I have learned some interesting lessons on work-life balance.
In the past couple weeks, as a mom, time is a precious – a limited resource. It is one that we can’t get back, we can’t create more of and our children are only little once.
As a work at home mom, lots of people think that all I do is sit at home and I have all this free time, but that could not be further from the truth. Actually my time is very divided – between my family, my marriage, my children, the home and my work.
 A lot of time the lines are blurred. The past few months, I found myself working a lot, trying to do anything and everything in my business. Other things started to take a back seat, before I knew it, I was skipping workouts, missing meals and add in the extra stress, I ended up gaining 10 pounds.
I had to realize, this is not the life that I want and it is not why I work from home.

3 things you can do to find more work – life balance

1. Decide what is the your most important priorities.
List in order – examples could be faith, family, marriage, business/career, friends. This will be different for everyone and can change.
2. Prioritize your time, based on your priorities.
Schedule in these activities and work the rest around them. Do your most important things, first, if you can.
Now, I know my health is the most important. As a health coach, I need to be putting my health first. Not only is it important for my well-being, I am a better mom for it and it is also my business. I put aside time in the morning, even if it means I get up an hour earlier, to get my workout done, first. By getting it done first, I can ensure it actually gets done.
Secondly, I realized I’m more productive in a clean home, so taking time in the morning and the evening to straighten things up. I even started taking an extra day off, in the middle of the week. This has helped tremendously and has reduced my stress levels.
My third priority is my children.  I have a special needs child, in the first grade. He has a speech disorder called Apraxia of Speech and he’s also showing signs of dyslexia. Homework is a challenge; it takes at least an hour every night, after school, for him.
Before, I was very unfocused trying to help him with his homework at the same time as working on own stuff and it just wasn’t working. He needed my undivided attention, so I now block out time in the afternoon, for him and his homework. Realizing that he is the reason why I work from home.
On Wednesdays, I started taking most of the day off. I use this day to make play dates with my 2 year old, catch up on the house chores and just relax. It is just as important to make time for yourself, as anything else.
3. Group like activities together.
Before, I was very unfocused, doing things as they came up or when they needed done. Since, I have learned the art of batching. I am not 100% there, but it is getting better. By grouping like activities together, I can focus on that one thing, get less interruptions and am productive. I batch things like blog post content, scheduling social media and prepping meals.
What are your top priorities? Do you have trouble finding time to fit everything in?

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