There was a time in my life when I had a closet to die for – or at least I would die for now. It was a time in my life when shopping and paying bills were the extent of my obligations, before kids, before a house or school loans.

I had black pants in multiples, platform pumps in every color and several little black dresses to choose from.

Fast forward a few years, I had accumulated black slacks in multiple sizes – from 3 to a size 10, so I could still dress up for work no matter how my weight had fluctuated.

I needed to look presentable no matter how many cookies I had that month!

After becoming a mom and gaining weight, shopping wasn’t as fun as it once was. I had less available funds to shop with.


About a year ago, I had lost 35 pounds of unneeded weight – learn more about me here. As I was shrinking, so was my closet. I no longer needed pants and jeans in multiple sizes. I started going through my closet and getting rid of the bigger sizes that no longer fit – because I had no intention of seeing that size again.

Now, I try to go through my closet every 3 months, weeding out all the old styles, too big blouses and things that just don’t look right on my now petite frame. I went from a size large to now a small.

Now, a size 5, a size I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years, you can imagine how bare my closet is.

About 6 months ago, I came to realize the bulk of my clothes were yoga pants and tank tops – not anything I want to wear to date night with my husband.

I desperately wanted a closet full of fabulous pieces I could feel confident in – no matter what the occasion.

Start by getting rid of the old.
Every 3 months, go through your closet and try on everything. Some things will no longer fit, some will fit but not quite right and others you will have grown out of love with.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in a year. Take an assessment of where the holes lie in your wardrobe. Then, you can start to purchase new items that will fit you and fits in with your current wardrobe.

As a mom of 2, I don’t get to the mall, often. But, I found some online options that I think you will love! Here are my top 3 favorite places to shop online to rebuild my wardrobe.

Stitch Fix

Last month, I got my first shipment from Stitch Fix. They assign a personal stylist and ship individual pieces selected for you. You pay $20 up front, after getting your shipment, you can decide what you want to keep and pay for, the rest gets sent back. I am in love – I will share more about my experience next week.


Another one of my favorites is ThreadUP. ThreadUP is gently used clothing from poplular name brands at a fraction of the cost. Last summer, I found myself in need of new jeans, so I purchased several pair. What I love about ThreadUP is they have kids clothes, too. I have gotten my son some jeans from there, too.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I got an email stating they are closing up shop TODAY! They still have a great selection, if you want to snag up a few deals.

Le Tote

My friend pointed out Le Tote just last week. You pick out clothes for and for a monthly fee, they send you your selections on rental.  You can wear and return when you are done. When ThreadUP announced they were closing, they announced they were joining up with Le Tote. I have not used this service yet, but they are on my list to try.

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