At this time of uncertainty, stress and anxiety, self care can make or break how you react to the situation at hand. Many of us are now with lots more time than we’ve probably had since childhood or our high school days, depending on if you worked out of the home or if you suddenly have time off or working from home.

A few years ago, I felt like I had to work more to have more clients, I had to post on social media 3 times a day, check in with clients daily, etc. Then I wondered why I had no energy and was barely scraping by with making money in my business. As a former workaholic, I would often bury myself into my work when I didn’t want to address or navigate particular emotions – emotions of discontentment, failure, feeling useless or not being able to connect to others the way I needed it. At this time, those feelings can come up rising to the surface. It isn’t fun, sexy or anything we care to acknowledge. Giving yourself time to process, decompress these emotions are so important.

Recognize – when everything is stripped away, when you have nothing, what are the feelings you are left with.

What I learned, in my own business, was the more time I gave to myself, the more I felt good and clients were naturally attracted to me – even if I wasn’t posting constantly. Money came in, despite whether I was working or not. So I am a big fan of bubble baths, nature walks and spa days – so that I can feel good and have the energy to show up in my business, even more.

Pisces season is all about navigating through the confusion, not knowing the outcome and being ok with unknown. Who are you without your job, without your coworkers, without constant stimulation – do you like what you see in the mirror, when everything is stripped away?

Try this DIY foot scrub made with sugar, salt, almond oil and lemon verbena essential oil.

I got this lemon verbena from Plant Therapy’s oil of the month program. If you don’t have lemon verbena, you can use lemongrass essential oil.

After a several months of researching different essential oil companies, I finally settled on Plant Therapy.

Reasons why I love plant therapy:
Their kid safe line is the reason why I even found them. I love that all their oils are label to be safe or not for kids.
Their research and transparency.
You get high quality with reasonable prices.

Another one of my favorites – is the relaxing bubble bath! This lasted 6 months and I use it for myself and both my girls, to help relax before bed.

When researching other essential oil companies, a big turn off was that their starter kit was $160-300. As a mom and knowing the effects of essential oils, knowing the value of essential oils, I know that not everyone has $200 to blow on essential oils. I love that plant therapy has starter kits under $100. 


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