When I hired a personal trainer several years ago, I was overweight and frustrated. I had been trying to lose the weight by myself and had a wedding coming up that I was supposed to be in. A friend recommended a trainer, so I hired him.

Health Coach versus Personal Trainer |Misty Shaheen

I started going to him twice a week, it was great –  I learned a lot of things about strength training, interval training and circuit training, but I didn’t lose a lot of weight. What I did do was build muscle, which is great but that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to lose weight and when that wedding came around I was still overweight and frustrated, despite wasting hundreds of dollars.

There was a key component that was missing from my plan – NUTRITION. I was still overeating, I was emotionally eating; I hadn’t yet learnt how to feed my body. The personal trainer had mentioned that I should just decrease my pasta intake to once a week and eat chicken, rice and veggies. That was as much guidance that I got. You can work out all day long, but if you are not putting the right foods in your body and/or you are not putting the right amounts of the foods in your body; it doesn’t even matter. It was a waste of my money, to focus on training, when I hadn’t even learned about proper nutrition.

Let me go back, some, I ate healthy (or so I thought). I didn’t eat a lot of processed foods, ate lean meats, mostly, but I was still very uneducated on nutrition. You can learn more about my story here.

I spent several hundred dollars on a personal trainer, with very little results because of the food I was putting my body. When a client comes to me to lose weight, one of the very first things I do is ask two questions; 1. What is your goal? and 2. What is your diet like? Each person is on their own journey and no two clients are at the same place. Some come to me as they are just starting out and they need guidance on where to start. Others have changed their eating habits and/or are working out, but are not getting the results they want. Nine times out of ten, we do not start by lifting weights. We start with what’s in the food journal.

This is the difference between a personal trainer and a health coach. A personal trainer can teach on what workouts to do and how to do them; however, they barely touch the nutrition aspect. You can not work off a bad diet; no cardio can take the place of eating a box of cookies.

To lose weight,

  1. Eat better foods (not necessarily less)
  2. Start increasing your activity.

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