Did you know there are 8 dimensions to wellness? A lot of us think about health as physical, but our health has so many more layers than that.

There were times in my life I became so focused on success, rank, promotion, I often neglected other parts of my life. .
I would become so focused on the external and wanting to look like I had it all together, people pleasing, and trying to keep up with “the Jones”.

This always leads to burnout. When you become so focused on doing things for others or the opinion of others, you neglect your own heart, emotions and well being.

In my 5 years as a wellness coach, I have learned there are 8 dimensions of wellness and they are all connected. You cannot focus on one whole neglecting the rest.

And often when you make improvements in one area, you also start improving other areas. Our physical health also affects our mental health. Our emotional health affects our social health.

This is why it’s important to reflect and take inventory of where we are out of balance. It’s important to set goals in each of these areas. If you are only looking at physical health and ignoring social health or emotional health, it could be why you aren’t really getting to the place you want.

It’s like a Kindergarten teacher that only does Math. Sure the kids will be great counters, but we need to be well balanced and need improvement in other areas, too.

5 steps to create healthy habits

1. Have the vision of the lifestyle you want. This may be the most important that lots of people skip. It’s not enough to set goals but really see how that goal fits into your vision.

2. Set the goal – it’s important to set both long term and short term goals. Lots of times our long term goal is so big, if we don’t break it into smaller goals, we often can’t believe it can happen. At the same time, if we set goals too small and hit it fast, we often stop there when we could keep going and go bigger.

3. Create a plan Knowing the plan and how you will get there is half the problem. It’s great to have a goal, but how will you get there.

4. Show up DAILY. Anything you want to change will require a change in something you do daily. What can you commit to?

5. Review, reflect and revise. If you didn’t hit your goal, let’s dig in and find out why. Get curious about why you aren’t where you want to be.

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