Healthy Eating Made Easy

I had always had an interest in eating healthy and fitness, but I didn’t grow up in a home where health was a priority. So, eating healthy kind of was something that sat on a pretty shelf and sometimes, I played with it. I dabbled in and out of eating healthy. I dabbled in and out of working out, in my 20s.

But I didn’t have the foundation, the habits or support system to make it a long term change. When life got busy aka having a baby, workouts and eating healthy was always the first to go. So, I was no stranger to eating healthy, however, I didn’t have a system for making it easy and simple.

After trying dozens of diets, products and systems, I finally found a product I can stand behind. After years of being frustrated with my weight, and battling energy fatigue, I found Herbalife Nutrition and never looked back.

Before Herbalife, I needed a nap before my kids and could barely function on less than 3 cups of coffee. Not only did Herbalife give me my energy back, but I lost 6 dress sizes and over 30 pounds.

Herbalife is a cellular cleansing system that helps support a healthy, active lifestyle, with dozens of products to support healthy weight management and increasing your overall health.

I have used these products with dozens of my clients and have watched them have remarkable results, despite busy schedules, travel, work and family commitments. I have put together a super simple getting started program for those just starting out. My Simplified Slim Down is a step by step system that I used to easily drop weight – before hitting the gym.

Loyalty Rewards

Herbalife rewards customers for product purchases, as well as progress and being active in achieving results.

Earn Income From Home

In 2011, I started researching how I could make money from home. I was open to a few opportunities, but most of them were not TRUE work from home and I would still need to get a babysitter for my son and didn’t seamlessly fit into my lifestyle.

After only 3 months of being on the products, I started getting inquiries of what I was doing to lose weight. All my friends and family wanted to know my secret. I got them started on the products in a few short minutes – all through Facebook and had money in Paypal account in minutes.

At the time, I was working 60 hours a week, babysitting kids and barely making enough to cover groceries.

When I realized I could help people lose weight and make money from home, with a fraction of the hours and stress I was spending babysitting – it was a game changer.

It’s simple and easy to incorporate this income into whatever you are doing, already.

  • Available in 92+ countries
  • Retail and residual income
  • Supportive business partners
  • No sales quotas or minimums


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