Are you feeling a little funky after your holiday weekend?

I know I was. Whoa – a little too much sugar and hello – carb overload! My scale was not too  friendly, this morning!

Here are 5 things to help you detox and get rid of that icky feeling.

  1. Drink warm water, with lemon, first thing in the morning. This will help alkaline your body and flush out toxins.
  2. Double your water intake – Yes, you read that right! I am shooting for 2 gallons! Extra water will help you flush out the toxins, in your body.
  3. Limit processed foods. You should limit processed foods every day, but especially today. Remember, we are trying to undo all the not so good stuff we took in, through the weekend.
  4. Load up on the fresh fruits and veggies – half your plate and some kind of veggies, every meal. Fresh produce are alkaline and will really give your body the nutrients it needs.
  5. Swap out your coffee for green tea. Coffee is acidic and green tea will help bring your body to an alkaline state.

I hope these tips are helpful and can help you get feeling better and a little lighter. I am already feeling amazing, only half way through the day.

If you would like to take this a step further, I recommend the Herbalife 21 Day Balancing and Cleansing System, formulated with milk thistle, for liver support and dandelion, for the elimination of excess liquids.

The program comes with an AM tablet and a PM tablet, taken for 21 days to reset and renew your system. It is recommended to reset your body once per quarter or as the seasons change. Order HERE.