I recently did a poll on my Instagram asking if my followers set monthly goals and I was very surprised by the amount of people that said no. 75% of my followers answered no, they do not set monthly goals. I truly believe setting monthly goals is the number one reason why I’ve made so much progress and I’ve had so much transformation in my life and my business, over the past 6 years.
Looking back, when I didn’t set goals, I lacked direction, follow through and my goals were barely just wishes. I had no plan, there was no action and in the end, nothing happened.
When starting out, I set goals on the first day of the month. The results speak for themselves.
In March, I started a nutrition program. In April, I started working out, By September, I dropped 36 pounds and was making $500 in passive income. I continued making healthy choices and stayed active, due to every month, I was making new goals, stretching myself and making progress.
A few years into my journey as an entrepreneur, I had found success, was making decent money for the time I was investing, I was relatively happy with what I was doing; but I felt like there was something missing.
In 2016, I registered for a course called business by the moon. the course creator was essentially teaching how to manifest and operate your business in flow with the Moon cycles. Using the moon, combined with astrology and the season, this is now how I set goals. I still set goals, monthly, however, now I use moon cycles instead of the typical calendar.
Every month the moon has a cycle. This is the oldest calendar system, used by many of our ancestors.
There’s eight phases of the moon and you may be familiar with some of them.
New moon
Waxing crescent
First quarter
Waxing gibbous
Full moon
Waning gibbous
Last quarter
Waning crescent
In this post, I am grouping them in 4 phases but if you would like to go further, sign up for the wait list for a Free Course on Manifesting with the Moon.
The new moon is the very beginning phase of the moon cycle and however you can’t see the moon because it is blocked by the sun; this is a time to set new intentions for the month ahead. Usually at the new moon phase, things may be hazy, they may be a little confusing on where you’re headed, you may be a little unsure of your next step. The new moon phase is a time to rely more on your intuition and where you’re feeling called.  You may also notice your energy is low and you need more alone time and self care, during this time.
In the waxing phase, energy will start to build and you can start planning your month, setting goals, based on your intentions and taking action steps toward your goals.
During the full moon, many report higher energy, and you may notice more clarity around your goals and next step. This is a time to celebrate your progress and release anything that isn’t working.
During the waning moon phase, you will feel your energy coming back down. It is a great time to finish up any projects that you have and tie up any loose ends. it’s also a time of closing out the month and get ready for the next.
If you were interested in learning more about your own astrological birth chart and where the new moon is going to fall in your chart you can book a reading a personal reading where I help you.
And if you would like to take this a little deeper and truly learn how to manifest with the moon setting new goals every single month then you will want to register for my new upcoming free series on manifesting with the moon

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