Are you feeling burnt out, over stressed, under paid and feeling like something is missing? Are you looking for more balance in your life, so you have time and energy for more fun, family and friendships?

It’s time to start working smarter – not harder.

It’s time for women to stop doing things they hate and start doing less, having more fun and enjoying the pleasures of life and you totally can!


This group is an intimate space, for women that are ready to feel total bliss in their bodies and their life.

We are here to party, snuggle with cozy friends and celebrate like Sex and The City.

The intention of the group is create a community of women that want to increase confidence, focus on feeling good and improve their relationship with themselves and their body image.
This group is for you if you are looking for a safe space to connect with others over marriage, motherhood and overcoming your struggles with food and body image.

In this group, you will find women sharing and supporting over struggles, obstacles, and wins in all areas of life.

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