Are you wondering what to do with all the extra time on your hands?

It’s easy to get sucked into the massive negativity on social media, right now. But I have a few other ideas on what you can do with your time.

A few years ago, I would gladly go down the rabbit hole of my Facebook timeline, engaging in gossip, complaining and finding humor in my miserable life. I’ve learned that only breeds more misery and enables all the other miserable people in Facebook land. What I would rather do instead – while all the other people are feeling sorry for themselves, I’d rather read, learn, and connect with others who are doing better than me. I’ve put together the 5 things I will be doing in this self isolation and how I am upleveling my life, in the process.

Here’s the thing….

At this point, most of the world’s population is in quarantine, lock down or asked to be social distancing. The time is going to pass anyway, why not make good use of it?
What if you used these next 2-3 weeks to make improvements, uplevel and make massive progress on something you’ve been procrastinating on?!
Here are 5 ways you can utilize the quarantine for good.

  1. Declutter Your Life
    Clear out all the things that are not serving you. I’ve been cleaning out closets, cleaning the countertops and getting rid of all the things that are only collecting dust. These things are getting in the way and blocking you from all the new blessings that are trying to come in. Let it go and pass it on to someone else that needs it more than you do.
  2. Learn a New Skill
    What is the thing that you have been wanting to do, you have been procrastinating on and always seems unimportant and makes its way to the back burner? Take up a new craft project, learn how to take better pictures, plant a garden, or take a new class to advance in your career. Now is the time!
  3. Focus on Your Health
    This goes without saying. If you have been putting off eating better, getting more active or making space for meditation, there is no better time than now. Your schedule is suddenly freed up and you have no more excuses to make. Put your workout in your calendar, cook more in the kitchen and take advantage of the quiet mornings to meditate, journal and reflect on your life.

    In the Healthy Home All Access Pass, you get 8 expert speakers on how to focus on health at home, with videos and audio files.

  4. Connect, play and bond with your family
    The kids are home. Take advantage of this time today and over the next few weeks. Pull out the games, do crafts, have a movie night, let them help you cook and all the other things you are usually too busy to do. Here are 27 family activities to do in a quarantine.
  5. Start a Side Hustle
    If are one that lost their job or are out of work, during this time, what better time to start a side hustle, start another income stream or put together the business plan for the dream you have been putting off.

    How will you spend your downtime?


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