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Hello!! My name is Misty if we have not met yet.


Once upon a time, I was overweight, severely fatigued and so confused as what to do about it. With lots of failed diets under my belt and no time or energy to workout.

I know you are busy with life and the kids, so I compiled my best resources, right here, for easy reading.


Ultimate Self Care Guide


Hey girlfriend,
I know you are feeling a little down on yourself, but you can change things around right now. Maybe you have let yourself go, you let life get in the way and you packed on a few extra pounds, you are stressed out to the max and you realize you cannot put this off any longer!

I am here to tell you – you have the power within you to take back your body and your life. But it starts with you. There is no fairy godmother in this life. You need to declare what it is you want and go after it with a vengeance.








Exhausted. Fatigued. And it goes on day in and day out.
Get up, go to work, come home, make dinner…
And do it all over again!
If only –  you had the energy to work out or go out with friends, right?
This was me and I remember many nights of making the first thing I found, because it was all the energy for.
Now, I have a tool belt of meals and snacks that are quick, easy and healthy, too! These are my go-to meals and snacks to power through my day, with energy and focus.










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