The One Thing That Will Help You Lose Weight Tomorrow

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Are you not seeing the scale move, despite eating healthy?

What if I could show you just one tweak to your diet that would result in weight loss?

You can expect to eat an additional 200 calories every time you eat out. Many of us are eating out 2-3 times a day!!

What if I could show you how to save calories and money, just by eating at home.

What you will learn:

Never be more than 30 minutes from a healthy meal
Learn healthy alternatives to your favorite meals
Learn to cook lean recipes to help you lose weight
Lunch recipes to go so you can eat healthy at the office
Get my best tools for preparing healthy meals, fast and easy

BONUS: Once you learn this, even if you do eat out – you will know how to order to avoid unnecessary calories.


Hi!! My name is Misty Shaheen and I am the creator of Simplified Slim Down. A few years ago, I was frustrated, low energy and couldn’t lose weight – no matter what I tried. I tried every diet in the market. I want to share my secrets of how I learned to not only lose weight, but increase my energy and happily maintain it.