Simplified Slim Down

Simplified Slim Down


You are working hard and still not seeing results? I used to do hours of cardio, counted calories and still wasn’t hitting my goals. Sound familiar?



Dear frustrated and starving,
Are you looking for the simple way to lose weight? You know what to do, are willing to put in the work but you need something simple. You are so busy working and taking care of everyone else {hello, the kids still need to eat}, meal prep and hour long cardio sessions just are not top priority.
I have SOOO been there! With two kids pulling on my leg, I don’t always have time for extensive meal prep or complicated workouts.

But with my simplified slim down, I have dropped over 40 pounds and my clients have done the same.

And I know you are ready for that, too.

In our work together, you will 
♥ Learn how to lose weight, without counting calories
♥ Drop a dress size, so you can feel confident on date night
♥ Increase your energy, so you can play with your kids.
♥ Feel confident in your family photos, so you can display them, proudly.
♥ Have your meals ready, on the go, so you can focus on what is important {aka family and your career}

For the next 30 days, you get:
♡ 3 – 60 minute sessions with Misty {you pick from Mindset Mastery, Pantry Makeover, Simple Meal Prep or Workout Strategy}
♡ E-book of 20+ clean eating meals for delicious weight loss
♡ Unlimited email or messenger access to me
♡ Access to our secret Facebook group, with 3 other health coaches

Pick 3

♡ 30 days of plant-based meal replacement shakes
♡ Herbal tea concentrate for energy, metabolism and fat burning
♡ 30 days of tablet, formulated to eliminate water weight


Only $169 (1)


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Do I need to workout with this program?
No. While 30 minutes of activity is recommened, but it is not required. Many of my clients have gotten results, with dietary changes only.

Can I still drink alcohol?
Alcohol should be limited to one time per week. In the program, we address current habits and improvement.

What will I eat?
A clean eating diet is recommended. Two meals are included in the program, along with a grocery list and clean eating recipes. You will be eating 5-6 times a day, between meals and snacks.

Are the shakes filling?
Yes, you will not go hungry. Men and women, alike, have reported to feeling full with the shakes.

What is the taste like?
Herbalife is the #1 meal replacement shake, worldwide. They come in 9 different flavors. With the program, you will select 2 flavors and will get a variety of recipes, so you are never bored.


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