Do you like to set goals? Are you one that sets goals but doesn’t actually get anywhere?

Are you setting goals, but feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do to get there? Then what happens.. you are so overwhelmed you do nothing. And month after month, you set the same goals, feeling like a failure because you are still in the same place.


Hey mama!

Is life throwing you for a loop? We all know life as a m mom can be a bit crazy.
Are you feeling scattered, like nothing is going right?

This life we can #momlife is a constant balance beam. And there are times when we lose our way, going too far right or too far left. In the end, it leaves you feeling like you are on the never ending merry-go-round.

Let’s bring it back in and look at the big picture – from a bird’s eye view. What’s being neglected and leaving you in chaos?



In this Life in Harmony mini planner, you will be prompted to assess every area of your life and discover where you should be focusing your attention, for right now.

So often, there is 1 or 2 areas out of balance – like health or relationships that can leave you feeling frazzled.

  • Know where to focus, with the self evaluation
  • 90 day and 30 day goal setting
  • What to focus on daily, to get the fastest results
  • Daily planner to track your day and intentions

Hi!! My name is Misty Shaheen and I am the creator of Simplified Slim Down. A few years ago, my life was spinning out of control, my days ran together and I never had time for myself – leaving me with no energy, stuck in weight loss resistance and stressed to the max. Once I learned how to master my time and tackle the tasks that mattered the most, I was able to better manage my days and find balance in all areas.