Body Bliss is Finally Here

Looking and feeling your best is in your power


Hey girlfriend,
I know you are feeling a little down on yourself, but you can change things around right now. Maybe you have let yourself go, you let life get in the way and you packed on a few extra pounds, you are stressed out to the max and you realize you cannot put this off any longer!

I am here to tell you – you have the power within you to take back your body and your life. But it starts with you. There is no fairy godmother in this life. You need to declare what it is you want and go after it with a vengeance.










In this Ultimate Self Care Guide, I have put together the simplified version to look and feel your absolute best. Here is everything you will learn:

  • How to prioritize yourself so you never feel taken advantage of again
  • How to build self care rituals in your day, so you feel nurtured and avoid burn out
  • How to cultivate your day and week, so you have less stress and more bliss
  • How to eat for unlimited energy and effortless weight loss
  • How to move your body that leaves you energized and feeling alive and ready to take on the day

In this guide, you get:

Step 1: Goddess Mentality
Step 2: Nourish your body
Step 3: Nourish your soul



Hi!! My name is Misty Shaheen and I am the creator of Simplified Slim Down. A few years ago, I was frustrated, low energy and couldn’t lose weight – no matter what I tried. I tried every diet in the market. I want to share my secrets of how I learned to not only lose weight, but increase my energy and happily maintain it.