Get Your Self Care Essentials to Create Balance in Life and Business

Looking and feeling your best is essential, especially in times of chaos


Hey girlfriend,
I know you are feeling a little crazy right now. Kids are doing school at home, maybe you are working from home and maybe you have anxiety of when life is going to get back to normal.

I get it – life is crazy. And the worst thing you could do, right now, is throw your self care plan out the door.

It is impossible to be the woman you need to be, if you are not taking care of yourself

In this At Home Essential Guide to Self Care, I have put together the simplified version to look and feel your good, even in crazy times.

  • Learn why it is essential for you to fill your cup up first
  • Learn how to prioritize self care and connect it back to your why
  • Learn ways to customize your self care for your mind, body, emotions and that fill your soul
  • Get 23 different ways to incorporate self care into your day
  • Create an action plan to help you connect to your body, clear your mind and feel your best

Hi!! My name is Misty Shaheen and I am a health and life coach, helping ambitious babes align to their greatest purpose, while taking exceptional care of themselves. When I first started my business, I had zero boundaries, zero self care plan and ended up in burnout and adrenal fatigue. When you put yourself first, you can step into your brilliance and truly shine in your life and business.

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