Healthy Home. Healthy Life.

In a time of uncertainty and disruption, we are bringing together a group of health coaches, life coaches and productivity coaches to help you navigate these trying times.

There are 8 dimensions of health: physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, occupational, social, emotional and financial. In this online virtual summit, we are bringing together experts in every area to help you create a healthier home life in 2020.

No matter what your goals are and what your family situation, in this summit, you will take away ways you can calm the chaos.

All Our 10+ Expert Speakers for Healthy Home Online Summit are committed to helping you:

  • Create a healthier home life
  • Create systems to make healthy lifestyle easier
  • Innovate to create a healthier environment for the whole family
  • Bring health and family time to the forefront, so you can relax and enjoy a healthy home

We are so excited to bring you a variety of expert speakers to help you navigate these troubling times.


Our Expert Speakers include life coaches, health coaches and productivity experts.

We hope you can join us live but if you aren’t able to be live for all the interviews, we have an all access pass for you to enjoy the speakers and recordings at your convenience.

We Start March 23








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