Five temptations that are keeping you fat. These are five temptations that you know you shouldn’t be doing and how to ditch them for good.



After dropping over 30+ pounds and 4 dress sizes, I have learned the smallest of changes really adds up. If you are trying to lose weight and feeling stuck, try changing one of the following things and I bet you will see a difference in just a few short weeks.

1. Your Netflix Binge Watching

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Most Americans watch too much TV. How much TV do you watch? If you’re watching more than one to two hours a day, it’s too much. That’s in the morning before you go to work, after you get home, before bed…
Slow that Netflix binge DOWN. I’m not saying you have to cancel it, but just slow it down. Take it back a little bit. One to two hours a night is plenty. If you could swap out just one hour of Netflix binge watching for a workout, something to just get your heart rate up, you will be much happier come summer, I promise.

2. The Facebook Scroll

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You want to catch up with your friends, but for most of us, this is the modern day TV watching. If you were like, “You know what number one? I don’t really have Netflix. I don’t watch that much TV.” Cool. But how is your time on social media? How many hours do you think you’re spending on social media? Because it is the modern day version of watching too much TV.

You are comparing your low points to everyone else’s highlight reel and it doesn’t feel good. It is also affecting your eyes, your neck and cramping up your hand – from being glued to your phone all day.

We are signing into Facebook up to an average of nine times a day. Nine times a day. There’s only 24 hours in the day, we’re only awake for about 16 hours a day, and we’re logging into Facebook an average of 9 times. Are you one of them?

Set a timer 1-2 times a day and create meaningful connections, versus just scrolling.

3. Happy Hour

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If you are trying to lose weight, alcohol need to go or at bare minimum needs reduced. Alcohol is empty calories and the body doesn’t process them the same as food. Start taking a pass on the happy hour invitations and hit the gym instead. If you must go, use the alcohol in place of your carb or opt for a non-alcoholic drink, like iced tea.

4. Fast Food Lunches.

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I know it seems easy, but it is not worth it, in the end. When I worked in corporate, I was not a very good planner, and I went to McDonald’s every day for lunch. And I packed on the pounds for it.

Start packing your lunches, take a salad, some soup, even a sandwich, or a wrap, is better than what you’re gonna get at that fast food restaurant. A Big Mac has up to 1,000 calories. Can you believe that? 1,000 calories, that’s over half of your daily calorie intake that you should in-taking. Over half. Just in one single meal, just for lunch. If you cut out fast food, and I can guarantee you’re gonna lose a couple pounds just from that.

5. Break Room Vending Machine

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You know what I am talking about. 10:00 AM hits, you get hungry, you go to the vending machine, “Oh, just a snack,” right? Then at three o’clock it hits again, “Oh, I need another snack. I’m hungry.” Right? Yeah, I was there. I did it and I packed on the pounds to prove it. Slow down that vending machine drive by, start to pack some snacks that you can keep at your desk or if you have a refrigerator that you can keep some healthy snacks in there. That way whenever you do feel that urge, you get hungry, you can just opt for something healthy, a handful of nuts, some string cheese or a small thing of yogurt. Grab my 25 snacks to power through your day to get you started.



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