Do you have your shopping done, yet? Me neither! I have very few gifts, this year. In the past couple years, I have leaned more on homemade gifts, but here is a list of gifts you can buy for your favorite fit moms – or yourself!

Top 10 Gifts


Yoga Mat

Yoga is great for stretching, strength and weight loss and is becoming more popular by the day. I love this reversible mat, perfect for the yogi in your life. Make it better by including a couple yoga classes at a nearby studio and some yoga pants.


Fit Bit

The fit bit is perfect for those wanting to get more serious with their fitness. It tracks steps, calories, sleep and more. You can even find your friends and do competitions. It has been a huge hit with all fit buffs across the board. Make it the best gift ever with a pair of running shoes.

Motivational Water Bottle 

Do you know someone that has a hard time getting in their water? A motivational water bottle is great for anyone wanting to get more water in their day. This is a great idea for the teacher or coworker, in your life.

Vitamix or Ninja 

I admit this is on my wish list – perfect for green smoothies, juicing, making soups, sauces and protein shakes. You can even make your own ice cream in the Vitamix. Pair it with a Herbalife Lean and Fit package – but only if you know your friend is wanting to lose weight.

Stability Ball

Stability ball is well known for ab workouts, but can be used for so much more, like decline pushups and hamstring curls, done at home. Most come with instructions and tutorials. Bundle it with a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, for extra points.


Free Weights

Take your body to a new level, with weight lifting. I have this exact set and I love how customizable it is, both my husband and I use the same set. This set is a great start to a home gym – especially for someone who is tight on space.

Foam Roller

Speaking of weights, add this foam roller to the weights, for a great combo! Anyone that goes hard at their workouts, especially with weights, needs a foam roller. It is great for stretching and getting the kinks out of muscles. This one is eco-friendly, made without chlorine.

Ballet Barre Socks  

Yoga and Pilates are growing in popularity, as is the newest class, Ballet Barre, a combo of ballet moves and pilates. Most studios require special toe socks that prevent slipping. Pair up these toe socks with a membership at your local studio, for your favorite dancer.

Bosu Ball

The Bosu ball is the perfect thing to up the balance and core game for anyone that likes to workout from home. Do core work on the bosu or flip it over and do balancing moves for a different core experience.

Cold weather workout clothes 

As a new runner, I am becoming aware I need warmer clothes to run in. Quality, comfortable running wear that keeps you warm is very important to accomplishing your goals, as a runner. My favorite brands are Champion and UnderArmor. Whether you have a new or seasoned runner on your list, they will love you for thinking of their goals.


I admit a few of these things are on my wish list, that is why I know anyone else working on weight loss of fitness goals would love these.

What gifts are on your list?