Move yourself to the top of your to do list so you can feel energized and high on life and excited to jump out of bed in the morning

If you are ready to go from burnout to total bliss, its time to make a change.


Because working more is not always the answer.

You need to become a master at you so you can show up with love and light instead of resentment and jealousy.

Habits, energy, balance, alignment – you cannot be successful without these 4.

That is why so many women are feeling stressed, burnt out and unfulfilled.

I am Misty and I am the go to expert for women who want it all and want it without sacrificing their health, their relationships and their freedom.

I teach you how go from depleted and fatigued to full of energy and feeling like a million bucks by stepping into your soul purpose and elevating the planet with love and shining your bright light.

I don’t teach the cookie cutter strategies you find everywhere else.

I help you tap into your own unique genius, listen to your intuition and elevate your self worth to know you can have it all – the exact steps I took to go from burnout and working 60 hours a week to feeling total bliss and in love with my work.

I am empower you to

Be who you want

Do what you want

Have what you want.

If you are tired of being sick and tired.

If you are over feeling like you work all the time with nothing to show for it.

If you are ready to fall in love your work again.

Then, let’s get started.


Monthly mastermind to set intentions, take inspired action and celebrate your uniqueness, while connecting with a group of women who are doing the same.


Monthly experience and bootcamp where I kick your butt to create new habits and take action to uplevel your health and tap into your intuition.


In person retreat to help you tap into your desires and design your new reality. We combine goal setting, self care and pampering so you can feel worthy, calibrate your energy and connect with others.


In 6 weeks, we work together to go from burnout to bliss, by creating self care routines and mastering habits so you have the energy to live your life.

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