Transformation Lab

Ready for your new transformation ?


You are eating healthy, working out and ready to start seeing results. Am I right?

I know you want this healthy weight loss thing to come easy. You need something

  • simple
  • flexible
  • adaptable
  • enjoyable

A few years ago, I was exactly where you are.

I worked full-time, had a family to take care of and as much as I tried to be healthy, sometimes it didn’t happen. The cafeteria vending machine and fast food place, around the corner became my partner in crime.

But I found a better way and I am giving you my system.




This program is for you if,
:: You have had trouble sticking to your healthy eating.
:: You are ready for the step by step manual to making lasting changes.
:: In the past, you have been inconsistent, but are ready to make some changes.
In this program,
::You will learn the essential ingredients to simple weight loss.
::You will start noticing results in just a few days.
::You will get incredible belief in yourself again – yes, you can really do it!

Get my 5 day rapid results system

Wellness profile, with personalized recommendations on meal plan and workout plan

Private Facebook group, with daily accountability

Monthly easy, family friendly recipes

Weekly nutrition and workout videos

Rewards points and prizes for participation


Wellness Tracker
Grocery List
6 plant protein based shakes – Cookies and cream flavor + 7 new smoothie recipes
6 energy boosting tablets




Before this program, I had trouble losing weight. I like that is works with my fast paced days. Misty is always there when I need her. - Renee Shaheen (1)