Everyone has good intentions when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

We have heard them all… lose weight, get out of debt, be more organized.


However, there are reasons why they are not successful.

1. They are too transformational, not specific enough.

Instead of setting out small goals, leading to long-term goals; most people just have this one long term goal, which is their new years resolution and then when it doesn’t happen like that intended, they give up.

For example, someone that wants to lose weight, in the new year. They are going to finally lose weight – no more eating fast food. 30 days in, they haven’t lost a pound all the sudden now they feel like a failure. It is January 30th and they haven’t even started on your goal, yet. Do not give up now, it’s only January and you still have 11 months to go. Most people get frustrated, start to doubt themselves and they finally just give up.

Instead, have a 90 day long term goal and have several small goals that can support you in that goal. What is one thing you can do to get you closer to your big goal?

2.  They don’t have a plan in place to support their goals.

In order to be successful at anything – no matter what it is, whether to pay off debt, starting a new business or to lose weight, one needs to have a plan in place and most people lack the follow through. They are great at setting goals, but then they don’t put a plan in place on how to actually accomplish that goal. You can grab my goal setting tracker here, for some help with this.

3. They lack of support system.

It is not easy to make these grand gestures into a new way of living, when all of their friends and family are still doing that old thing they don’t want to do anymore. When people have a support system in place, someone you can plug into whether it be a mentor, a forum or a group of friends; it becomes a little easier to stay the course. A supportive community can encourage and motivate to keep going on that goal, to tell them “you’re doing a great job” and also someone that can give feedback on what the next step should be.


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Did you set any new year’s resolutions, this year?