Where are you feeling stressed and how are things in misaligned in your life and business? In December of 2019, I set some big goals and intentions for the new year and realized where my life and business was not in alignment for the things I wanted.

In 2019, we made tons of sacrifices and worked to the bone – but by work, I mean we put a lot of hours in, but it didn’t really result in us making more money.  I can’t say it was all worth it. But we learned a ton!! We had a lot of misalignments and that isn’t a fun feeling. I set some pretty big intentions for 2020 and we even had a family vision board party – yes, even the kids made their own vision boards!

BIG LIFE LESSON:  I’m here to tell you if you don’t put your own mask on, FIRST, no one is going to do it for you. Every month, we have a chance to reflect, reengage with our goals, access our actions and course correct to realign. I learned the hard way, if you don’t have margins and you don’t have time to sit in silence and really listen to your heart, you can’t really know if you are on the right track. As much as I’ve learned about reflection and setting new intentions every month, I became so busy trying to make everyone else happy, I couldn’t make myself happy and I couldn’t even hear (or I was ignoring them) the soft nudges that I was going the wrong way.

Are you growing closer to your goals or are you moving away from them?

How do you know if you are misaligned?

  1. Decling Health – last year, despite my best intentions of sticking a healthy eating and lifestyle plan, I gained weight. I knew when I was misaligned and overworked when I had zero time for workouts or meal prep. I found myself skipping meals, too tired for workouts and trying to fit in my workout at work. But even if I was eating well and working out, I wasn’t losing because I was so stressed.
  2. Pain in the Body – Mid way through the year, I started having joint pain, in my knees. Even worse yet, in December and through January, I had weekly headaches. These were migraines and lasted all day. Between these stress headaches and the regular stress and busyness of December, we ended up taking the whole month of December off of homeschool. Pain in the body is a manifestation of emotions or mental anguish.
  3. Chaos – When an area of life is spilling over and creating chaos in other areas. For example: a toxic relationship is causing you to miss work
  4. Dreading activities – more than normal procrastination. Dreading picking up the phone, going into work, avoiding certain people in your life or work can all indicate tension and a need of attention.

If your life IS in alignment, you will feel excited, happy and at peace.

My theme this year is play and we got 2020 to a great start!

First for New Year’s Eve, we took the kids to a hotel. Now, my husband is a bartender for his family’s restaurant and so many years, he usually works. A few weeks before New Year’s, we were reflecting that he hadn’t had a NYE off in about 4 years. We booked a last minute room at our local Holiday Inn. We swam, we bonded, hung out in the hot tub and crashed for the night, just after the ball dropped. Our kids, 10, 6 and 1 all had a blast and it was super fun to go somewhere that wasn’t home. I can’t wait to do it again!

Then, in January we headed to Kalahari Resorts for 2 days of fun! This was a part of the kids Christmas present and it did not disappoint!
We played had so much fun splashing around. It was just what we all needed after a super stressful year of busyness and not really seeing a lot of each other.

2020 is the year to nurture my inner child (Sagittarius moon) and be the present (Venus in Cancer), fun mom!! We bonded on water slides, roller coasters, in the hot tub and over late night ice cream! One thing I have neglected or tried to hide was my desire for travel and adventure. Even a couple days at an indoor waterpark left a spark on my soul in ways I didn’t even know it could. This year, I am vowing to take more trips, go on adventures and see more of the world outside of my hometown.

This is how misaligned I actually was. While on our trip at the water park, I got in my first workout in over 3 weeks and it felt SO GOOD!!! Yes, this is a really bad habit of mine and one I constantly have to remind myself that work is not more important than my body, my health, my family, my relationships. I love to work, but in 2020, I am learning to work in a new way and let my work fill my cup and delegate the things I really don’t like to do.

What happened as a result? In January, I walked away from some things and shifted how I was running my business. The headaches suddenly stopped, I started getting excited for work again and I feel more like myself, every day.

What are some ways you are bringing more fun and excitement into your life? What are things that HAVE to change?

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