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Every morning I was jolted out of bed at 6am, just before I needed to start working. The house seems to be always dirty and by the time I blink, I’m rushing kids off home as I am making dinner for my own family. Coffee was a staple in my diet, yet I still need a nap before the kids did. How is this real life?

Working from home seemed like a dream. Hanging out with my son all day and still making money, it seemed like a dream come true. My clients found me online and before I knew it I was working sun up to sun down, weekends, holidays, you name it. I loved working and loved making money – except I had no boundaries, no self care and to be quite honest – watching kids all day was not my dream life. Actually, it was a far cry from my education and work history of Accounting and Business.

Not only did not have any energy, I was still carrying around weight from baby #1 and I was barely making enough money to pay for groceries.

I knew something had to change.

I swapped out my coffee for green tea and worked with a health coach on establishing healthy habits and a new meal plan.

In the first week, I had energy to play with my kids and I went on to drop 36 pounds, over the next several months. Before I knew it everyone wanted my secrets. I was bombarded with private messages asking me to help them too.

What I didn’t realize was stress, my lack of personal time for myself and working in a job I didn’t love was sucking my soul dry. I tried to fill this void with cookies, cake and red wine. Playing with my son was no longer a priority and sex with my husband was non-existent.

Was I a bad mom?

No, but you cannot pour from an empty cup. Once I started filling my own cup up and working on my own goals, the spark came back into my eyes. I had energy for workouts and playing with my kids. My husband even took notice and started working out, too. And since I know you are wondering, our sex life is better than it has ever been.

I got super focused. I knew what I wanted and I stopped at nothing to get it. As I was helping others with their health, still working on my own goals, it happened again. I became unfulfilled, I wanted more – more money, more fame, more success. All I could see was the next goal – sometimes before even hitting the first one. I worked to the bone, became one with my laptop and slowly isolated myself from friends, created distance in my marriage and my kids were desperate for some quality time.

I was right back to where I started – stressed out, putting on weight and I began repelling clients from me. I was so focused on my next goal, I forgot to celebrate the fact that I had created everything I wanted.

Working more and working harder doesn’t always to lead to more money. If you are sacrificing your health, relationships and core values to get to the next goal or working in ways that are not in your zone of genius – you will burn yourself out. You can only work in this capacity for a limited time. And before you know it, your time is up.

So after a few years as an entrepreneur, I learned a thing about energy, alignment and how to work with your soul gifts to make more money, more impact and that doesn’t leave you feeling depleted and empty.

I learned how to manage my own energy and created a self care plan I could stick to.

I owned up to my true desires and stopped hiding from my truth.

I learned my true worth and finally felt worthy of receiving money for my services and all I desired.

I embraced my uniqueness and soul gifts and started working in my zone of genius.

I became masterful at mindset and knowing my worth so I could set boundaries and stick to them.

And if I can – I know you can too.


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