How to Stay Calm and Grounded in Times of Chaos

How to Stay Calm and Grounded in Times of Chaos

In times of chaos, it is never been more important than now to have a self care plan or routine to keep you grounded, present and have an outlet for you to reflect, process emotions and feel safe in this world. At times like these, it can be easy to stay in our head, get dragged down by the media and others and be reacting in fear. Grab the At Home Essential Guide to Self Care

Last week, I noticed an old pattern coming up. If you have been following me for awhile, you know there was a time I struggled with depression and emotional eating.
In 2008, I was pregnant with our first baby. My husband had made some changes to his work schedule. He went from working Monday – Friday 10am-5pm and home every night and every weekend, to switching to some evenings and weekend hours. As I got home from work around dinner time, I now spent most of my time alone, only with my 3 year old golden retriever. And now as I was pregnant, I no longer got calls and invitations from all my single girlfriends – like I did when I was single. I have never felt more alone than in those times.
There were nights I cried myself to sleep. There were nights I clenched onto my golden retriever, sobbing uncontrollably, as he was the only thing closest to human connection I had during that time.
As time went on, I learned to deal with it. I won’t say things got better because as a new mom, with a child with developmental delays, the things I had once in common with others were slowly dwindling. I didn’t feel like I belonged to the traditional moms groups and my old friends were still partying their asses off at the bar. But I was starting to get settled into our new normal.
Fast forward a few years, I found myself all alone again, after I had put our son to bed by 8pm. After dark, the hours were filled with Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, as I downed a bottle of my favorite red wine and binged on an entire box of oreos. I even resorted to hiding the empty containers from my husband, because I knew he would be ashamed and I would be humiliated.
In March, as our social distancing escalated and the world was shifting to the #athome model, my husbands hours changed again. As he took on more evening and weekend shifts, to meet the demands of the new carryout model, and myself and now 3 kids are now spending our evenings without him around. As much as I am grateful for him to still have a job, at this time, and for the income it provides us, that doesn’t change the emotional state or deep wounds it can bring up.
The past few years, I have learned how to process my emotions, I have learned how to look deep under the surface and understand many of our patterns are not conscious – but the subconscious mind holds so much power behind our thoughts and actions.
As I was started to sit with this new awareness and recognize old patterns coming up, I recognized these feelings of loneliness stemming from my childhood.
If you have feelings of trauma or deep unsettled emotions, it is important to ground yourself in these routines.
You can also get these and many more in my At Home Essential Guide to Self Care
Success Habits for Better Health, More Money and Less Stress

Success Habits for Better Health, More Money and Less Stress

I’m sure you already know or you have heard it a thousand times! Anything you have in your life can be pointed back to the habits you have created.

Also – anything you want in your life can be achieved with the right habits.

When I first started working with a health coach, after my second baby, I wanted to lose 40 pounds. I thought I ate healthy, minimal processed foods, little to no fast food and hadn’t drank pop (or soda) in over 5 years. The first thing we worked on was my habits – actually, that was most of our work together.

A few simple shifts on meal timing, increasing water and incorporating workouts and I was astonished at the results. BUT something magical happened.

I had this total confidence and I felt unstoppable. I knew if creating a few simple habits could massively impact my health, I wondered what other kinds of transformation I could create in my life.

No matter what the goal you are working toward, finding the right habits can help you shift things. AND here is the really cool part – when you create results in one area, you create a domino effect in other areas.

Once I lost my initial 20 pounds, I had more energy to play with my kids. I felt hella confident and started dressing better, wearing makeup and my husband was taking notice.

Here are some habits that have helped me improve lasting results in my life.

Getting up early – preferably before the kids – and creating a consistent morning practice
As much as I love sleeping in, if I am not up a solid hour before my kids (especially the toddler) my whole day goes to shit. As Rachel Hollis says, you are already behind the eight ball. Getting up early allows me to have some alone time, have my morning tea and start journaling. It allows me to get my head right before I get bombarded with breakfast requests, someone not being able to find any socks or my toddler just clinging onto me, because I’m Mom.

Scheduling meals and workouts
Eating and workouts seemed so simple, before kids. As a homeschool mom, even more so. Fitting in my workouts and knowing when I’m eating is essential – or else the kids take over and my adgenda is no more. I prefer getting my workout in, first thing, so it is non-negotiable or else I’m sitting at gymnastics practice – wishing I was on a yoga mat. Mom guilt is SO real, but if I can get in all my important stuff than I can be more present to what my kids need.

Gratitude practice and journal
This is part of my morning routine but it deserves its own section. Gratitude is the grounding practice I never knew I needed. Gratitude is the glue that will hold you together when your world is falling apart, when there are buckets and baskets of chaos in every corner and when the laundry is piled up to the ceiling. Anytime I feel super stressed out or anxious, I come back to gratitude to anchor my heart on what matters most and it gives me perspective. It’s a fact you cannot be anxious and grateful at the same time.

Social media detox
Social media causes for anxiety these days than anything else. We use social media as a distraction mechanism. We go down a rabbit hole of comparisonitis, drama and feeling more disconnected than ever before. I like to delete social media from my phone on the weekend (especially the black hole of Facebook). I find myself feeling more peaceful and I can catch up on anything on Monday, if I need to. As an entrepreneur, our work never ends, there is always something to do and when you work online, the lines of work and personal time get blurred. This year, I am focusing on being intentional with my time and social media just hasn’t been giving me the connection or impact I want. It’s important to pay attention to your energy leaks.

Big Rock Jar – keep your priorities straight
This goes hand in hand with the last one. Knowing your priorities, having goals and a plan of action can help you decide where to spend your time and energy. Often we get in the habit of doing what everyone else is doing, but instead ask yourself what will get you the results you are after.

I know – easier said than done. Knowing what you should do and actually doing it takes discipline. But it gets easier. Once the habit is created, it takes much less mental energy to do it and eventually it comes natural and even automatic. These days, I wake up most mornings at 5:30am, without an alarm. CRAZY!!

Real Talk Now

Sometimes it’s not about the habits we have, but more about the habits we are avoiding. Change is uncomfortable. Transformation doesn’t come without blood, sweat and tears and doing the thing we don’t want to do.
While it’s great to create healthy habits, be more interested in the ones you are avoiding, sweeping under the rug and resisting like the ugly sweater grandma gave you at Christmas.
Until you are ready to sit with it, play with it and acknowledge it, it will always be the elephant in the room.
What new habits are you committed to in 2020?


4 Myths of Weight Loss

4 Myths of Weight Loss

There is a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to weight loss.

With so many diets, ways of eating (keto, low carb, high protein, intermttant fasting, IIFIYM) and different styles of workouts (low intensity, high intensity, low impact, high impact, HIIT, weight lifting, cardio, running, yoga, ballet barre), it is so easy to get confused and throw in the towel.

Before ditching all these myths and figuring out the truth, I had tried it all and failed miserably at most of it. After I had my first baby, I had gained over 50 pounds and had zero luck on losing it. I tried everything from Slim Fast, Beachbody Shakeology, at home workout DVDs and even hired a personal trainer.

Eventually, I made a decision to figure this out for good. I dropped 36 pounds, 4 dress sizes and now feel amazing!! And if I can do this, so can you!!

Let’s debunk some myths and I will let you in on my secrets, that I have learned along the way.

The fact is health and weight loss is not a one size fits all.

Myth: You can’t have your favorite foods.
Lots of people focus on all they THINK they have to give up (cake, cookies, carbs, bread, pasta, cheese). Instead focus on adding in good for you foods and treat yourself with your favorites for doing so well! Grab my clean eating grocery list here.

Truth: As long as you are in a calorie deficit, you can still have your favorite treats, in moderation.
If you want the raw truth, there are no bad foods. Anything you deem as bad or off limits is driving you down a road of resentment and binge eating. Stock your pantry with good for you foods, find healthier substitutes for your favorite treats and start tracking your food intake to see how many calories you are getting. In my Simplified Slim Down, I give you tons of recipes and even some guilt-free desserts.

Myth: You have to spend all your free time at the gym.
Truth: You do not need to live at the gym to get fit. You can get an effective workout in, in just 15 minutes a day, at home, the office or the gym. You don’t even have to go to the gym, if you don’t want to. Find a workout you love to do (or find a way to love it) so you actually will start to look forward to doing it. In the SSD, you get a bonus of 15 minute workouts you can do anywhere.

Myth: You need a personal trainer, to start.
Truth: Hiring a personal trainer isn’t needed if you are just beginning. Making improvements to your diet are most important for weight loss. And after you make necessary changes to your diet, your results in the gym and with a personal trainer will be so much better! Focus on minimizing processed foods, adding in more fruits and vegetables and getting in a multivitamin. Get a customized meal plan and workout plan with my online wellness profile.

Myth: You tried before and failed, so you will likely fail again.
Truth: You are a completely different person, now and no one has ever been successful on their first try at anything! Don’t be so hard on yourself. No one is perfect and we have all failed a million times. What’s more important is not giving up, trying again and recognizing where you could be stronger. Stay tuned for my mindset practice to help you master the negative self talk and start smashing your goals.

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Step Up Your Results After a Weight Loss Plateau

Step Up Your Results After a Weight Loss Plateau



Are you experiencing a weight loss stall? Let’s figure out how to break that weight loss plateau. It’s almost summer and a lot of you may be stressing out about shorts and tank top season and perhaps trying to lose weight, but it’s just not happening as fast as you want it to. Here are some things you should consider when you hit a weight loss plateau and get the things moving gain;

  • Motivation & Excitement: A lot of times we get frustrated because we’re not seeing the results we want, and we start to lose that motivation and it can be really frustrating. So the first thing is you need do is get the things moving again, so you can get excited again, and get motivated. Motivation is temporary if you’re not motivated, you’re probably just not excited about either your goal, or you’re not excited about your method.
  • Your Diet: If you are doing the right thing; cleaning up your diet and working out but you still aren’t getting your desired results then you really need to change something. It could be your diet. You might need to clean things up a little bit. Maybe you’ve made some changes, but you might need to make even more changes. Sometimes, that means eating more or eating less.
  • Work Out: If you are not working out because you’ve gotten great results by just changing your nutrition and you start to notice a stall in your weight loss, then you need to start incorporating some workouts. Get some activity into your day, like taking a walk with a good breakfast.
  • Eat Breakfast. Make sure you never skip breakfast, it truly is the most important meal of the day, so you want to make sure you’re having some kind of protein first thing in the day. It’s going to keep you full for longer. It’s going to help you maintain that muscle mass while you lose weight. So eat enough eggs, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese with some fruit etc.
  • Cardio: If you are working out, and you’re still not getting results, again, you need to change something. This could mean less cardio or more cardio. If you’re doing straight cardio, now may be the time to incorporate some strength training with it. You want to keep your body guessing because our body is efficient. It gets used to what we’re doing, and always have to improving, and doing something better, and really challenging yourself.


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Summertime Weight Loss for Busy Moms

Summertime Weight Loss for Busy Moms

Are you dreading the summer? Does your weight loss journey always take a back seat in the summer time?

Kids home from school usually means less time for mom. Last summer, I ditched the gym to hang out with the kids and I will likely be doing it again, this summer – with a newborn due in June. For six weeks, I didn’t step foot into the gym and I am happy to report I dropped my body fat to the lowest I’ve ever been in two years. How did I do it?

It was summer break, the kids were out of school and it wasn’t intentional to skip the gym, but I just started being more intentional about getting active with them and we were going to the parks, going for walks, and getting in workouts when I was with them versus dragging myself (and them) to the gym.

I am not saying that I didn’t work out at all, I did work out from home and when we’d go to the park, I would also do my little work out while the kids were playing and since it was summertime which is my favorite time I would just prefer to workout outside rather than go to the gym. Another thing I did was I also focused on my stress levels and getting better sleepI posted, last week, about how your sleep schedule may be making you sick.

A lot of fitness professionals don’t really talk about how our stress levels and sleep is really affecting our weight, weight gain, weight loss, and this is something I wanted to bring your attention to it and share with you how to paying attention to your stress levels can actually help you lose weight. So here is a summary of what I did to lose weight while staying out of the gym:

Stay Active

  • I stayed active several times a week by going to the park and I made sure that I wasn’t stagnant, wasn’t sitting on the couch watching TV and I just put more of a priority on staying active, instead of my gym workouts.

  • I started getting to bed at a decent hour and really allowing myself to get into that restful sleep. I paid attention to my stress levels a found a way to reduce my exposure to those stress levels and really being more intentional about reducing that stress. As a work from home mom, I used to always work after the kids went to bed, worked before they got up and was always glued to my phone – never giving myself a break to relax.
  • I put up strong boundaries on when I was going to bed – even if it meant I had to miss an important webinar or team call. As someone who has recovered from burnout and adrenal fatigue, sleep is now a high priority.

The hours of sleep you’re getting is important, but also the quality of sleep is even more important.  You need to get into restful sleep cycles because our body recharges and detoxes in the sleep process. You need to focus more on getting well rested, and if you get up super early, you need to go to bed earlier, making sure you’re getting your seven to nine hours of sleep and actually you’re getting into those deep sleep cycles while you are sleeping.

It is my philosophy to work smarter, not harder. I can tell you if I am not having fun, I am not doing it!

I spent years grinding and burning the candle on both ends and when I decided to try something different, I realized most women are working way too hard and losing weight can can done easier, simpler and faster.

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What is your biggest struggle with losing weight?

How to Build a Home Gym for Busy Moms

How to Build a Home Gym for Busy Moms

Disclosure: Affialiate links are included in this post and I may receive a compensation if you choose to purchase. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

For years, I didn’t workout and used the excuse that I couldn’t get to the gym. There came a time that I had to get over my excuses and get into action.

With 2 kids and running an in home daycare, I had no time for the gym.

It’s true that I lost my first 20 pounds without ever stepping foot in a gym. Read more about how to fit in your workout.

A gym is not required to lose weight or workout. Not everyone has access to a gym, based on location, schedules or if you have childcare. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, you can build your at home gym, with these equipment upgrades.

With a few small investments, you can have everything you need at home, to get an effective workout for burning fat. Whether you are just starting out or if you are looking to add new workouts to your routine, start adding these essentials to your at home gym.


Here are some recommended tools to have in your home gym:

Dumbbells. I recommend having dumbbells in several sizes, anywhere from three all the way up to twelve pounds. If you’re just starting out, you might want to start with maybe a five or eight-pound dumbbell and as you get stronger, you can increase the weight, up to a ten, twelve, fifteen-pound dumbbell. You can use it for everything from upper body work out, bicep curls, to shoulder press squats and lunges. Dumbbells are very versatile, you can work up multiple muscle groups at the same times unlike a lot of machines at the gym that usually works only one muscle.

Kettle Bells. They are a free weight and very similar to dumbbells but can be used differently, like kettlebell swings.

Medicine ball. A medicine ball is just a weighted ball and this is great for your core. Sometimes, if you’re working out from home, it can be a little hard to target the back and one move that a personal trainer taught me: bounce the ball off of the floor, or on the ground, or off a wall. It really works your back in a way that dumbbells just don’t.

Your body. Your body is such a great tool, and you can do a lot of workouts just with your body alone. If you know how to use bodyweight exercises, you can work out anywhere: at the hotel, at the park with your kids, which I do quite often. If the kids want to play and I just didn’t get time to go to the gym or get my workout in, I can do some workouts right at the park with my kids.

Jump Ropes. Jump rope is great for getting your heart rate up and getting you into the fat burning mode. You can get jump ropes and most any Walmart or Target, but Amazon has some cool ones, like these.

Yoga Mat. Yoga mats are great for stretching. Stretching is so powerful, and just doing a couple yoga moves, or when you first wake up, can really make or break your day. Just getting on your yoga mat for a few minutes to stretch out your body is great.

Mini-Trampoline. The mini-trampoline is great for getting in that little bit of cardio and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is great for winter time when you don’t go out or to the gym as often as you want to. It is also great for multitasking and you can do it first thing in the morning while listening to something positive.

And even my kids love it!

So if you’re having trouble getting to the gym, maybe you work crazy hours and you can’t always get there, or you’re too tired, I encourage you to go to your local store or Amazon and get these tools and start losing some weight.

Just getting started on losing weight? In my next masterclass, I am revealing how I lost over 30 pounds without a gym. Join here.


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