Present Parenting and Running a Business

Present Parenting and Running a Business

Are you stressed with your to do list? Are you playing the juggling act trying to do all the things? Keeping up with career, the home and still being a present parent has been an even bigger struggle, as of recently.

Clara Capano is a single mom, coach, author and speaker.

In this episode, we talk about
  • Why asking for help is necessary in business;
  • leaving behind people pleasing and finding self acceptance;
  • finding presence in motherhood;
  • why relationships can be the fuel we need to keep going forward.

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The Decision To Homeschool

The Decision To Homeschool

Originally, the idea of the schooling my kids completely overwhelmed me. How was I supposed to know how to educate my child, when I struggled in school myself. How was I supposed to know what is the first thing to teach and then the next and so on?
Hint: most homeschool families all felt the same way you are feeling right now.
The first thoughts of homeschooling came into my radar when my son was 3. However, having a special need child, we decided that putting him on an IEP with the public school system seemed like the best thing for him at that time.
Fast forward a few years and in the third grade, I was irritated by how much he struggled in school. He was in the third grade and reading at a kindergarten grade level. I had been bringing up my concerns for two years – I thought he may be dyslexic.
After a trip to see a psychologist and some issues of bullying that came up, we decided to pull the trigger. Our school was stating they were modifying as much as he needed and my other requests were denied.
Our psychologist diagnosed my son with Intellectual Disability, stating his IQ level was lower than most kids his age. It is likely to take him two years to learn what most kids learn in one. His needs are things being broken down into smaller segments, lots of repetition and various visual aids around the house or classroom. 
This isn’t a decision we took lightly – but it was one I felt the calling in my soul. We decided that I could give him more one on one time than he could get in the classroom. 
Now – as a work from home mom, running a network marketing business, I wondered if I could do it all. As I started inquiring of other work at home moms, running businesses, it turns out that there was a lot of moms who were doing the same. I found lots of moms who were homeschooling their children and they were also running a business from home. They told me it was not impossible and you could easily school your kids in 3 to 4 hours a day in the early years. As the kids get older, they become more self sufficient and can do more independent work.
At the time, my son, diagnosed with ID and I also have a neurotypical (as far as I can tell) first grader, while pregnant with my third. Homeschooling two elementary age children, with a toddler at our feet, wanting involved as much as possible hasn’t been easy. If I can do this, I am confident anyone can do this.
I’m hoping to share some of my experiences so you can if you are also having some doubts,  if you are wondering if you have the ability to homeschool your children and maybe I can help put your fears to rest and help you make the best decision for your family.
One of the biggest question that comes up if you’re starting to get a new to homeschooling is what curriculum to use.
I am no expert at homeschooling – but curriculum is a whole beast of a topic. If you are new to homeschooling I highly suggest you take the homeschooling quiz to figure out your unique style.
There are 6 main types of homeschooling styles and finding your flavor of homeschooling depends on your values your expectations and how you work best.

The main types of homeschoolers include:

1. Classical
2. Charlotte Mason
3. Montessori
4. Unit Studies
5. Unschooling
6. Eclectic
Over the next several blog posts I plan to lay out curriculum we use, our ideal day and workflow and the changes I had to make in my business to maintain my sanity, while homeschooling my kids.
I’ve found my style to be more eclectic. I fell in love with the philosophies of Charlotte Mason, but unit studies help me focus on one thing and still get many subjects done in a day. I love an open and go curriculum, so I don’t have to do my own lesson plans but I also love having flexibility to do something different – depending on the way the wind is blowing that day – if you know what I mean.
Moments of Mindfulness for Special Needs Moms

Moments of Mindfulness for Special Needs Moms

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your to do list? Ever feel like you can’t get it all done? The feelings of overwhelm and lack of self care multiplies when you have a nuerodivergent or special needs child.

When I had my son, he spent 16 days in the NICU and from that moment, my whole world changed. Feedings every 3 hours, making sure he had everything he needed, and nights with a heart apnea monitor; my needs didn’t seem so important. And as weeks turned to months, and months turned to years, before I knew it he was 2 and I forgot what it is I even did before motherhood.

It seems to be common among us mothers, we get so good at taking care of others, we forget or neglect our own needs.

In this episode, I talk with Christina Dunbar – a family nurse practitioner, yoga teacher and blogger/podcaster. She is the mom of three kids under the age of 5, one with a rare disorder.

We connected on so many levels in this podcast, from both struggling with stresses of a special needs child, the decision to leave the workplace, and finding moments of mindfulness in the chaos of raising little humans.

Her podcast is the Intentional Ten, where she offers weekly mini episodes of mindfulness and guided journal prompts, so you can start incorporating mindfulness into your day and week.

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Finding Purpose After Motherhood

Finding Purpose After Motherhood

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Have you seemed to lose your way after motherhood? Or maybe your goals have changed since becoming a mom.

I remember at such a young age, feeling a conflict in my heart on choosing between being a stay at home mom and a career mom. I remember wanting both. In today’s society, it can be difficult to live off of a single income and have the option of not working as a mother. But with modern conveniences, like the internet and social media, we can have the best of both worlds.

There are a lot of options out there to work from home, flex time or being your own boss.

In this episode, I chat with Jenny Beecher, farm wife and mom of three kids. She is a clarity coach for moms trying to find balance between business and living a fulfilling life at home.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • The transition of your place in the workplace to finding your purpose inside and outside of motherhood.
  • Learning to shatter generational and societal programming to what it means to be a mom.
  • Finding your own way and going your own way.

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Energy Rainbow activity download (free pdf):
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working From Home

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Working From Home

Are you struggling with getting things done in your business, around taking care of the kids, cooking meals and schooling your kids? Are you feeling exhausted, feeling resentful of your business and feeling stuck in your business?

In my soul alignment sessions, we go through how you can set up your business better and in alignment with your highest purpose.

In my first business, I was a in-home daycare provider, working from home, so I could be home with my son more.

Learn how I got started working from home and the mistakes I made, in my first business.

Do you need an upgrade on your self care routine? Free download on 4 types of self care to incorporate into your routine

Create your own customized self care plan according to your astrological birth chart

Moms Make the Best CEOs

Moms Make the Best CEOs

Are you a mom wondering if you could work from home? Are you struggling with how to start a business with a newborn?

When I started working from home, how I thought things would go and how they actually turned out much differently. The ways of making money, your work flow and so much more can look so different for each of us. In my soul alignment sessions, we can look into how to set up your business to be in alignment with your lifestyle.

In this episode, learn how ex-corporate manager, Nike Famojuro, started a business, had a baby and moved to a new country all in the same year.

Some of the things we chat about in this episode:

  • The most important things when starting out in your business
  • How not to lose yourself in motherhood
  • How to set priorities and boundaries, even if you only have 1 hour to work


Learn how to incorporate self care based on your astrological birth chart


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Discover your Super Power Quiz

4 types of self care to incorporate into your routine



It’s Never Been Easier to Work From Home

It’s Never Been Easier to Work From Home

Do you want to learn how to work from home? Are you feeling stressed working, schooling your kids and running a household? Are you wondering if there is a better way to still work and make money, while staying home with your kids?

Wondering what your thing is and what you can get paid for? In my soul alignment sessions, we take a look at your natal chart and we can talk about how to position yourself, utilize your passions and work experience in a new way that lights you up.

Welcome to the {former} Moms in Business Podcast! It has never been easier to make money from home, cut your work time in half and still make great money. In this episode, Misty gives you 3 simple things you need to get started working from home.

Some things we talk about in this episode:

  • How to turn your experience to an online business
  • How to get started without a website
  • How to find customers on social media
  • Steps to get started making money on social media


One day, I was in the kitchen, getting ready to walk out the door, for work, as I did Monday thru Friday. My son was two, at the time, and was sobbing for me not to leave him – again. I cried my eyes out the entire 30 minute commute. Why is this so hard?

I remember sitting inside of my cubicle, wondering if there was a way to work from home. A longing to spend more time with my son, I was determined to find a better way to make money – that didn’t mean me sacrificing my duties as a mother.

If you are anything like me – you are independent, ambitious, and probably love your work. However, you also love to be a mom, you love to be there for your kids. I felt like by the time I got home, picked my son up from daycare, made dinner, it was bedtime, and I barely had any time for myself – let alone time to connect with my child.

It has never been easier to work from home, than it is today.

Over the years, I found many ways to make extra money from home. Here are a few I’ve done:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • In home daycare provider
  • Network Marketing


What does it take to work from home?

You don’t need a website, you don’t need a fancy sales funnel.

There are a few things you need – if you want to work from home.

1. Knowing what you will be paid for

What are you good at? What will someone pay you for? What is some result that you could help someone get? There are thousands of people working online, now and in different capacities. Personal trainers can work over zoom. Administrative assistants can help small business owners. Teachers can become private tutors. The options are only as endless as your imagination. Let’s start brainstorming in this free workbook – Discover Your Brilliance.

2. Helping people find you

People need a way to find you or you need a place to send them to learn more about what you do and how you can help them. That could be a website, or you could start with your social media. So many eyeballs are already on Facebook, they’re on Instagram, they’re already on YouTube, AND they are looking for a solution. I am willing to bet you have eyeballs on your social media right now. But it just takes you finding and telling people what it is that you do.

3. You need a way to get paid.

There are dozens of ways to get paid online, these days. PayPal is great and very well trusted by many. Venmo, cash app, Square, Stripe –  there’s so many apps right on your phone that you can create an account in minutes and get connected to your bank account. Create a link for people to pay you. Let them know how much you want to be paid, and how and where to send them money. And boom, you’ve got cash in the bank.

And working from home has been a game changer for me, my health and being able to stay home with my kids.

Even when I was an in home childcare provider, I still found all my clients online –  I created a free website on Weebly, I created a free profile on and joined various Facebook groups for those looking for childcare.

I shared behind the scenes of what I was doing with my daycare kids and my own kids on my personal profile. And soon, I had potential clients reaching out to me to see if I had any openings.

Everyone has value. There are some things you are really good at and there are people who will pay you to do it for them.

Are you wondering what it is you may do? How you could be paid to work from home? In this free workbook, we go through your many talents, hobbies and experiences to create a cash flow business.

Download my free workbook on how to Uncover Your Brilliance


Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Are you still needing to purchase gifts this year? Gifting seems to get harder every year. This year, in 2020, has been an interesting one. I have put together the top trends for 2020 and how to give meaningful and still useful gifts.

Here are the top gifts that will be trending this year

1. At Home Fitness
We have no idea when gyms will be running like they used to be. I don’t know about you, but the gym isn’t as much fun anymore – with mask requirements, social distancing and little to no group classes. Even child watch (if your gym offers it) isn’t the same. Gym time is social hour for a lot of people and we are just not getting that, right now. Anything to help someone stay active at home will be useful in 2020.
Check out this fully portable home gym

2. At Home Spa Treatments
Same goes for the spa – it just isn’t the same as it once was. To sit with a mask on to get your eye brows done or get your hair highlighted – how do they even do facials – takes the entire experience of going to get pampered to a whole new level. Go for sugar scrub, body butters, facials, and foot scrubs. Grab 30% off here sitewide

3. Education and self paced learning
So many people out of work and now have the time to learn something new, take up a new hobby or learn a new trade. Many are taking advantage of their extra time and energy to do something they have been putting off. Places like skill trade or udemy will be a favorite. Gift a Audible subscription or a new book.

4. Cooking at Home
Eating out seems like a thing of the past, with many restrictions on local restaurants. and so many people are investing in better cookware, better home appliances and learning how to cook healthier at home. Find a virtual cooking class to do together, even.

5. Date Nights at Home
Like everything else, date nights are more fun at home, right now. There are lots of subscription boxes you can purchase or better yet, put together your own date night, with a favorite meal, some hot cocoa and a movie night. Whether you cozy up the the fireplace or maybe you’d rather build a snowman together, stay cozy with free shipping and 30% off of some cozy socks or beanie hats.

6. Work at Home Tools
So many people are working from home (or school) these days, anything that you can do to make life easier or more efficient will be appreciated. You don’t have to stop at technology; think planners, new pens, a calendar or a message board. Of course, a new computer, new airpods or their favorite jammie pants are always nice too.

7. Technology for easier connection and collaboration.
Facetime, zoom and updated technology will be hot item. People are craving connection and their social circles and anything that makes socializing easier will be trending. Microphone for your iphone?

One of my favorite places to shop – Premier Designs – is closing their doors. If you need jewelry, women’s clothing, mens socks or housewares, you can shop at 30% off today. Free shipping is available for purchases over $75.

Premier Designs recently started a one stop shop marketplace, so you can find things from coffee, mugs, body care and cozy socks. You can find something for everyone.
How to Use Your Shadow Self to Heal and Grow

How to Use Your Shadow Self to Heal and Grow

Have you ever had someone do something or say something that caused such negative feelings – like anger, rage, bitterness, resentment or anxiety?

For context of this article, a trigger can refer to the experience of having an emotional reaction to some type of disturbing content someone says or does.

One year ago, I registered for a local fitness bootcamp and I was so excited. After working my body to the bone, I had allowed my own self care and workouts to slip. I was running a business, homeschooling 2 kids and had a 1 year old.  I needed to get my body back in shape.

And so, guess what happened? So I felt super connected to the trainer. I loved his energy.

At first, he didn’t even want to let me into his program, for fear of me stealing his program – as my own. He admitted he had had other personal trainers join his bootcamp and go work in other gyms, stealing his program, training clients HIS WAY.


First of all – let’s get this out of the way.

  1. No one can be you. Even if someone steals your ideas, programs, content, they cannot duplicate you energy.
  2. There are no new ideas. His way of working out and and his way of training clients – I assure you he didn’t created it.

After a few weeks of being a paying customer, he blocked me from his Facebook. I was still going to his bootcamp and I had major convictions with this. So one of my shadows is I want to be loved by everyone.


The shadow is the “dark side” of our personality because it consists chiefly of primitive, negative human emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, and the striving for power.

I am a Leo sun. And if you don’t know about Leo’s, Leo’s love to own the spotlight. They are very creative. They’re very entrepreneurial and  they’re very generous, but they also love to get love right back. And so when I was blocked, he blocked me from his personal Facebook page, I thought – “wow, what did I do?” I’m a paying customer. And he has me blocked. So one of the things, one of the shadow parts of Leo is deep down, they want to be loved by everyone and deep, deep down they secretly don’t feel lovable at all. Alternatively, he was also a Leo and Leos have big pride, big egos and have a hard time sharing the spotlight with others.

So the reason why this trainer didn’t let me into his programs was because, previously,  I was a weight loss coach. And here I was hiring a trainer. I’m trying to lose weight myself, get my body back in shape. And he had mentioned that he had allowed several other personal trainers into his program and they copied from him. They stole his program and tried to sell it on their own. And he was afraid I was going to do the same.

So here’s the thing: that wasn’t my issue. I have never done that. He had no reason to believe that I was going to do that. However, he put his past experiences with other people onto me, and that was not my issue. That was his issue to deal with. However, anything you’re dealing with, it comes up for a reason and it’s coming up to be healed. So anything that’s triggering you, like I was triggered that this person who I valued, I valued enough to pay him; blocked me from seeing any of his personal posts, because he thought I was going to steal from him.

And that hurt my ego.

So, what can you do if you’re feeling triggered and how can you heal it?

This is your shadow self showing up.

There are certain things we associate from being good parts of our personality and we celebrate it. There are other parts of our personality that we associate with being bad, shameful and don’t want others to see (sometimes we don’t even want to admit it is there).

However, you can use your shadow self for healing. If you notice your triggers by things you’re judging people on, things you feel judged from other people, anything that pulls out anger and deep, dark emotion, shame, guilt, any of these lower vibration emotions. That’s what’s triggering you, and you want to get curious on why. Why is this triggering me? And what can I learn from it?

I love to use my astrological birth chart to help me heal my triggers. So one of the things you can do, is you can look to your opposite side across the zodiac wheel.

So I am a Leo, I’m ruled by the sun. However, the opposite sign of me is Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites and you can look to that sign to help embody different parts of you that you want to heal. So, if I want to heal my issue with not being liked, not being loved by everyone and really feeling unlovable, I can look to Aquarius, because what does Aquarius do? They are the rebel of the zodiac and they do not care who likes them, who doesn’t like them. And they own it. They own how they’re different. They own their uniqueness and they can own it.

So wherever you are, whatever sign you have in your chart, you have a polar opposite.

Opposite Signs:


But you were made perfect as you are. There are light and dark parts of every sign, every person, every characteristic.

There will always be someone that doesn’t get you. There will always be people who don’t understand you or feel triggered by your energy.

This is there triggers and they can deal with those.

Your job is to be you and learn to heal from your own triggers.

So, I think right now in this online space, we’re still waiting on the election results in the US. A lot of people are triggered right now. A lot of people aren’t happy with, you know, maybe what someone is posting, someone is sharing their opinions and their beliefs, and that can leave us triggered, but whatever you’re feeling triggered, you can learn from it.

I put together a list of the zodiac signs and their shadow traits that may show up. Grab it here.

Self Care for Your Sign

Self Care for Your Sign

After going through burnout 2 times – in 2 different businesses, I have never felt more strongly about self care.

After the last two years of working against myself, putting work before my own well being – I ended up with migraine headaches, stressed out, gaining weight, unable to lose weight – despite working out and eating right.

And I’ve been diving deep into human psychology and how we best operate. The fact is – we are not the same. And the way we fill our cups should not be the same either.

I put together a list of how to do self care for your sign – and some Black Friday deals for each, too (if you want to treat yo-self).

Aries – Move your body. Aries have lots of energy and are very passionate. They love pushing themselves, trying new things and are very competitive. Try Hemp Relief Balm

Taurus – Give yourself an in home spa day. Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac. They work harder than most and also love when it’s time to chill. Get $10 off my favorite body butters. They also have Black Friday deals, starting at $10 off $30

.Gemini – Pick up a new book. Learning, research and literature are the ways into the Gemini heart. I just started reading Untamed and I just finished the Middle Finger Project

Cancer – Go all out for a Netflix binge and some cozy jammies. Cancer rules over home and family and they love to stay in, cook some comfort food and chill. My favorite lingerie and loungewear – grab your first set for $20.

Leo – Get all dolled up and make sure to grab a selfie. Leo loves to be pampered; they have a love for luxury and love being able to parade their hottest looks – no matter the size of the audience. 60% off makeup and skincare

Virgo – Clean your space, reorganize and declutter. Virgos have such a gift for organizing. Grab some essential oil cleaners here. Black Friday sales start at $10 off $30.

Libra – Take a dance class or do some ballet barre. Libras love anything with love and beauty. They also love to get dressed up and feel pretty. Grab up to 50% off a new workout outfit.

Scorpio– Have more sex. No, really. Scorpio is the sex sign of the zodiac. Lover of anything sultry, taboo and off the cuff.  Grab yourself some new lingerie at up to 95% off


Sagittarius– Bring the world to you. I know many are not traveling right now; but travel is the language of Sagittarius soul. Globe In offers artisan home decor from artists around the world. 60% off until 11/29

Capricorn– Start planning for 2021. Nothing makes Capricorn happier than having a plan, knowing what the plan is and working the plan. Erin Condren planners are 30% off this weekend.

Aquarius– Give back, volunteer or contribute to a bigger mission. Aquarius loves to help out and give back to social causes. If you can’t volunteer in person, partner with a company that gives back to an issue you feel strongly about. DVTD is a marketplace with a mission that supports multiple causes. Get  $10 in rewards for $100 you spend.

Pisces – Start a meditation practice. Pisces, being the most spiritual and psychic of all the signs, it is important to be spending time in meditation or prayer. This seaside white candle would be a perfect gift for any Pisces.

If you want to take this deeper, you can grab my Sacred Self Care plan. We use your astrological chart to create a sacred self care plan to fill you on the soul level. There are trainings on how to run your chart, what to look for and what the signs mean and represent.

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