Monthly Membership for Women to Reclaim their Confidence and Create the Little Black Dress Effect


The monthly tools and resources to create a body you love and feel confident in


What if you felt confident and sexy in everything you wore?

What if you woke up with energy and felt amazing to see your reflection in the mirror?

What if losing weight could be easy and fun?

How would feeling confident and sexy change your relationship? How would it change how you showed up in your work?

Let me guess….

You have tried all the diets, various workouts, with  minimal results.
Your weight fluctuates faster than a yo-yo.
You find yourself going back into old patterns and feeling like a failure.
You are tired of diets that leave you deprived and still not getting results.
You get on an exercise routine to get distracted and hard to get started again.


I know what’s it is like to feel ashamed and not like yourself in your own body.

For too long, I sat on the sidelines wishing for a better body, feeling like a victim of my circumstances. No childcare, a special needs child and picky eaters, an unsupportive husband that would bring home cookies and cake every week; my goals felt impossible and unreachable.

One day I realized I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. A troubled marriage, feeling frustrated and taking it out on my kids, working from home but barely able to pay for groceries. Feeling unconfident in my body, uncomfortable in my clothes, couldn’t ask for a raise and didn’t want to admit how dissatisfied I actually was.

Until I remembered who I was…
I was the first person in my family to go to college.
In college, I had people seeking me to work for them.
I was the mother of a special needs child and I figured it out.

I was not a woman who shied away from a challenge. I was not a woman who admitted defeat.

I had a deep desire to feel at home in my body. I had a deep yearning to not hide my body under multiple layers of clothes and body shapers. I wanted to feel sexy again. I knew not feeling confident and sexy was taking a toll on every area of my life.

If you are anything like me, you want that too.

Your body is more than a baby maker. Your body is yours and you get to feel how you want to feel. You get to feel confident in your body, to feel sexy in your skin. And losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. Actually, it can be fun and expansive.

If you are wondering when you will get your body back, when you get to feel sexy and when you feel confident in your own skin, then the time is now. You get to decide when that happens.

The yo-yo dieting and binge eating can be over for you.

If you are tired of your own bullshit excuses and tired of the one size fits all diets and workouts, then you are right where you are supposed to be.

After working with dozens of women, I realize the biggest obstacles are mindset, having a solid support system and having done for you recipes and workouts that you don’t have to think about.

After joining dozens of programs, myself, I found very few addressed the unique needs of the struggling mama – like family friendly recipes, easy at home workouts and a tight knit community of like minded mamas.

And most programs are designed for men – they are rigid, clunky and no room for the way a woman moves in the world. Women need fun, flexibility and connection. She needs to connect to her own heart, her own desires and create a plan that is fun, flexible and still gets her the body she wants. A woman needs to feel connected to her body and she needs to feel connected to a community.

In my own journey, finding an easy to implement system, with the right community were two CRUCIAL pieces to my own transformation.

The right program with the wrong community will only create short term results. You need a program that allows you to find your natural flow and natural rhythms, so you can create sustainability and makes you want to continue.

In the M Lab, you will get access to my top tools for transforming not only your body, but also how you look and feel about food.

You will:

Learn how to develop the mindset for transformation, even if you have failed every diet before.
Clean out the old and stock the kitchen with healthy essentials
Learn how to eat so you never feel hungry, tired or deprived again.
Learn how to eat for optimal health and fat loss
Find healthy swaps for your sweet and savory cravings
Learn how to fit in your workouts, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day.

In addition, you get:
Weekly Aldis meal plans and grocery lists, so you don’t break the bank
Monthly workouts and challenges, so you never get bored and always making improvements
Monthly habit focus to challenge you with some healthy competition
Supplement highlights, every month, with exclusive member discounts
Participation prizes for the most active in the the private Facebook group

Need more accountability?
Get weekly access to me with regular check-ins on Voxer and you can send me your weekly meal log and I will assess it to make suggestions on getting the best results.

VIP Option:
Weekly Voxer Check ins
Weekly meal tracking assessments

Now, I invite you to imagine what’s possible if you woke up with energy, in the morning.
What would it feel like to reach your desired body shape and size, with ease and joy?
To no longer struggle with wearing oversized clothes to hide your trouble spots and instead be excited for date night and wearing a hot number for your significant other….

I want you know that is possible for you.

Are you ready to make your health a nonnegotiable?

The M Lab is Open for a limited time and at the lowest price ever!

For $27 a month or get the VIP treatment for $49
No monthly commitments
Cancel at anytime



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